Ultra-performance proteins

We call it ultra-performance. They’ll call it ultra-tasty.

Advance nutrition with even better tasting pulse proteins and flours

Consumers are more likely to try brands with claims that increase healthy perception, such as protein, plant-based and gluten free. Plus, we know sustainability has an impact on what consumers choose to purchase.1 To win repeat shoppers, your product needs to deliver what consumers want, along with an uncompromised experience that meets taste, texture and mouthfeel expectations.

Now, with Ultra-performance plant protein concentrates and flours produced by Ingredion, you can add the good-for-you benefits of pulse ingredients with unrivaled taste and functionality to create delicious, satisfying plant-based products — to grow consumer loyalty.

Provide next-level performance and taste

Ultra-performance proteins enable you to create plant-based food and beverages without the raw plant flavor, bitter taste or uncontrolled microbial levels inherent in dry-milled pulse products.2

Manufactured by Ingredion in North America

With ultra-performance proteins, you can:

  • Expand your reach in more applications where the inherent flavor of pulses was previously an issue, such as dairy and alternative dairy
  • Achieve higher grams of plant protein in bakery, snacks, pasta and batters & breadings by using pulses at a higher use level without impacting flavor
  • Now use pulses in instant RTM and RTE/RTD products, where low microbial levels are a must

Ingredion’s plant proteins recognized for sustainability excellence

Our Ultra Performance line of plant-based protein solutions has been named the Best Plant-Based Sustainability winner during the 2022 World Plant-Based Awards. This better tasting, more sustainable product line provides great versatility in a variety of applications.

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Keep the nutrition, lose the off-notes

Ultra-performance proteins start with pulses, which are rich in protein, fiber and many micronutrients. Our proprietary physical process yields a clean flavor profile — while also keeping the macro- and micronutrient content so important to label claims.

Clean label with a sustainability story

Ultra-performance proteins are created with a physical process that does not use chemicals or additives. Pulses are naturally non-GMO, gluten free and do not require allergen labeling. Plus, the pulses are responsibly farmed and sourced in North America, boosting sustainability and keeping supply chains constant for advantages everyone can feel good about.

Explore the Ultra-performance protein lineup

Ultra-performance protein Protein level (dry weight) Pulse type Sensory profile Ideal for these applications

>60% protein*

Faba/fava bean

Improved sensory profile over conventional faba bean protein concentrate2

Bakery, savory, alternative meat, traditional and alternative dairy, and ready-to-mix beverages

>55% protein*

Yellow pea

Improved sensory profile over conventional pea protein concentrate2

Bakery, beverages, alternative meat, and traditional and alternative dairy

>20% protein*


Improved sensory profile over conventional lentil flour2

Gluten-free batters & breadings, baked goods, pasta, extruded snacks, soups, and sauces

>14% protein*

Faba/fava bean

Improved sensory over conventional faba bean flour2

Gluten-free or enriched bakery applications, better-for-you snacks, soups and sauces

>12% protein,* fiber and micronutrients

Yellow pea

Improved sensory profile over conventional pea flour2

Breadings, pasta and pizza, gluten-free or enriched bakery applications, and better-for-you snacks

Plant-based protein portfolio

Get a head start on finding the right protein for your application by downloading our all-in-one guide to sustainable plant-based proteins.

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*On a dry basis

1International Food Information Council, 2020 Food and Health Survey

2Trained descriptive analysis panel, Ingredion


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