POLICY AND PROCEDURE - Travel Policy for contractors/non-employees

Date Created: January 31, 2015
Date Revised: March 31, 2022

I. Guiding Principles

The purpose of this policy is to provide employees and contractors with clear guidelines for the expenditure of Ingredion funds for non-employees/contractors for travel associated with Ingredion projects.

II. Scope

This Policy must be adhered to globally.

III. Air Travel

Economy class fare must be booked for all air travel. “Economy Plus” or “Business Select” type fees are permissible subject to written approval of Ingredion. All domestic travel must be booked with 14 days advance notice. International travel must be booked 21 days in advance.

Contractors are responsible to ensure credit is received for unused flights and to credit any unused airline tickets value to Ingredion.

Contractors are permitted to keep miles accumulated through frequent flyer programs for their personal use. However, accumulation of frequent flyer miles should not be considered when purchasing cost effective business travel that is consistent with the objectives of this policy.

Contractors are not permitted to submit for reimbursement the cost of tickets obtained using personal frequent flyer miles or promotions.

IV. Auto Travel –

All allocated drivers must possess a valid driving licence and be fully insured for the business journeys undertaken. The vehicle must be in a safe roadworthy condition meeting all regulatory requirements for the country in which it is used (for example road tax and MOT or Government Vehicle Inspection and Vehicle Registration Stickers or equivalent).

Car Rental Policy is to rent a midsize car /intermediate car unless transporting more than two people, where a full size car may be rented. A rental car may be used for business travel provided the rental is essential and/or cost justifiable.


Ingredion has designated National as the preferred and Enterprise as the secondary car rental agencies. Ingredion preferred rates can be achieved by contacting your Ingredion representative. Car rentals are limited to no larger than a midsize/intermediate car.

When using the Ingredion rates, Contractors should decline the extended liability and deductible coverage, except when travelling outside the U.S or Canada. Questions regarding purchase of extended liability and deductible coverage should be directed to Ingredion.

V. Car Services

Ingredion has designated preferred car service agencies. Ingredion preferred rates can be achieved by contacting your Ingredion representative.

VI. Lodging

Ingredion has negotiated rates at preferred hotels in the cities where the company has operating locations. Hotel rates can be attained by referencing Ingredion at the time of booking. The Ingredion representative can provide the Contractor with the preferred Hotels consistent with the work location. http://insite.intra/InSite/Support+Functions/Procurement+Tools/

Where possible, all hotel reservations should be made using the Ingredion Preferred hotels or a hotel in close proximity, of similar quality and at the most cost effective room rate available.

The Supplier is responsible for cancelling any hotel reservation that will not be used and any no-show charges incurred. Any hotel no-show charges will not be reimbursed by Ingredion.

Ingredion will reimburse standard rooms with appropriate corporate discounts up to 4 star. Ingredion will not reimburse suites, luxury hotels, etc.

Reasonable expenses are permitted for incidental costs such as high speed internet connections. Telephone charges are not to be expensed to Ingredion.

VII. Meals

Contractors are expected to use prudent business judgment when incurring and approving expenses for meals and related tips. It is the Company’s objective to avoid unreasonably expensive meals.

0 Meals and other travel expenses

Meals can only be expensed to Ingredion if incurred on a trip on Ingredion business that necessitates an overnight stay. Charges for bar bills, made on hotel phones, mini bars, dry cleaning and room entertainment or late payment charges on corporate cards will not be reimbursed. Ingredion will not reimburse items of a personal nature that do not have an associated business benefit (e.g. newspapers, magazines, toiletries, books, health club, spa treatments, shoe shine etc.)

For conferences and training, it is Ingredion’s expectation that Suppliers stay at the same venue that Ingredion training/ meetings are held. Ingredion will reimburse accommodation costs, provided these costs are for standard, single rooms and not suites/ luxury accommodation.

VIII. Invoicing Expenses to Ingredion

Fees expensed to Ingredion, must be at actuals, with no profit, markup, or handling/added charges added to the fees.

All expenses incurred must be re-charged to Ingredion at net cost based on actual out-of-pocket expenses in accordance with this policy. No "administration" or “service” charge or ‘mark-up’ is to be applied. Suppliers may include standard booking fees applied directly from the travel agent.

Estimated costs for Travel Expenses shall not be pre-paid in advance to Suppliers by Ingredion.

Expense charges must be itemized for each day by person, type and amount of expense and reason for expense. Format for itemizing expense charges is to be agreed between Ingredion and supplier.

Itemized receipts are required for all travel expenses by traveler name, supplier, amount and reason.

Invoices for expenses must be submitted within 6 weeks of the completion of this contract

IX. Duty of Care

It is the responsibility of the external traveler to provide their employer with a copy of their travel plans.

The Suppliers personnel shall be properly insured in accordance with any applicable laws and regulations. Ingredion shall in no way be responsible for travel insurance for the employees of the Supplier.