Trade show

Plant Based World Conference & Expo

Event Type: Trade Show

Duration: December 9-10, 2021

Location: Javits Convention Center, New York City, New York

Booth Number: 221

Visit us at Plant Based World to step into the Alternative Universe. 

What’s that?

Imagine a dimension where peas and other plant-proteins rule food. Picture another universe where juicy, savory meats come from life-giving plants, and smooth, creamy ice cream comes with a spoonful of sustainability and indulgent taste. It is a place where alternative meat, dairy and other plant-based foods are not alternatives at all… but instead, they’re the norm.

Alternative protein is not just the future – it is here. 

Embrace this new future and explore the expanding world of plant-based proteins to create next-generation, plant-based products that inspire consumers to buy, and buy again. Come discover the superpowers feeding plant-based food and beverages at booth 221, including ultra-performance proteins for even better taste.

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Must see presentations

  • 12/9, 10:30 - 11 A.M. Fast evolving meat-alternative and dairy-alternative products. Learn how to solve the key challenges faced when bringing alternative products to market. Presented by Maria Tolchinsky, global senior marketing manager, plant-based proteins and Karen Constanza, marketing manager, meat and meat alternatives
  • 12/9, 10:30 - 11 A.M. Hottest trends of 2021. Hear Ingredion’s Yadu Dar, director of plant-proteins and others talk about what’s next in plant proteins


Pre-packaged prototypes to savor

  • Plant-based coffee cake muffin
  • Plant-based double chocolate protein bar
Explore the Alternative Universe