Trade Show


Event Type: Conference

Duration: July 15-17, 2024

Location: McCormick Place - Chicago, IL

Booth Number: #S1131 (South Building)

Partner with Ingredion to create innovative, nutritious products your consumers can feel good about–from every bite to each benefit. We provide ingredient solutions that deliver the right texture and taste, while also meeting functionality challenges and consumer preferences for better-for-you ingredients. Clean tasting sugar reduction solutions, protein enhancement, fiber fortification ingredients, and texturizers are just a few of the ways we support brands in keeping indulgence in everyday food and beverages while building consumer preference.

Visit us at booth #S1131 to try our menu of snacks & sips and chat with our experts to learn more.

Attend our sponsored presentations:

  • Business FIRST presentation - Innovations in texture: Creating sensory experiences that enhance taste and build consumer preference
    • Description: Texture plays an undervalued but vital role impacting taste and consumers’ overall liking of a product. How can your brands advance texture to create a sensory experience that builds preference and brand loyalty? We'll examine texture's impact on the eating experience through a few case studies highlighting our latest texture innovations in snack and dairy category applications. 
    • Speakers: Yeni Pena, Dan Kennedy
    • Date/time: Monday, July 15, 11:15-11:45pm CT
    • Location: Business FIRST Stage (show floor)
  • Taste of Science presentation - Stevia reimagined: Clean sweetness and better solubility in beverages
    • Description: When it comes to formulation – the numbers count. Craft consumer-preferred sweetness and improve your brand's beverages with our newest innovation: PURECIRCLE(TM) Clean Taste Solubility Solution.
      • 1 ingredient: A first-of-its-kind stevia solution that integrates seamlessly into existing manufacturing processes
      • 100% stevia – without additives or artificial sweeteners – that delivers a clean, sweet taste with significantly less bitter and sweet linger
      • 120x more soluble than Reb M stevia sweetener
    • Learn how this latest stevia solution is revolutionizing sugar-reduced beverages while you sip on our delicious Lemongrass Bayleaf Chamomille Soda.
    • Speaker: Adams Berzins 
    • Date/time: Monday, July 15, 2:00-2:15pm CT
    • Location: Taste of Science Stage (show floor) 

Join us at our technical sessions: 

  • Predicting the Sweet Spot: A New Frontier in Consumer and Sensory Science using AI Predictive Modeling to Optimize Stevia Taste and Performance 
    • Speakers: Wei Qin, Adams Berzins
    • Date/time: Monday, July 15, 11:00-11:20am CT
    • Location: McCormick Place S410d
  • Allulose in Craft Beer: Brewing differentiated taste experiences with innovation and accessibility
    • Speaker: Margaux Mora
    • Date/time: Monday, July 15, 11:00-11:20am CT
    • Location: McCormick Place S410a
  • A clear approach to reducing sugar with low and no calorie sweeteners for health and the enjoyment of foods
    • Speakers: Cindy Goody, Margaux Mora 
    • Date/time: Monday, July 15, 2:30-2:50pm CT 
    • Location: McCormick Place S410a 
  • Are Plant-Based Alternative Foods a Healthier Choice?
    • Speaker: Jing Zhou
    • Date/time: Monday, July 15, 12:15-1:30pm CT 
    • Location: McCormick Place S405 
  • What Factors Contribute To Product Success, And Why Do So Many Products Fail?
    • Speaker: Barbara Davis 
    • Date/time: Monday, July 15, 2:45-4:00pm CT
    • Location: McCormick Place S404 
  • How Can We Harness the Heterogeneity in Dietary Responses to Guide Product Development for Personalized Nutrition?
    • Speaker: Junrui Cheng 
    • Date/time: Tuesday, July 16, 3:15-4:30pm CT
    • Location: McCormick Place S405 
  • What Scientific advancements are leading the way in sustainable food production?
    • Speaker: Brian Nash
    • Date/time: 1:15-2:30pm CT 
    • Location: McCormick Place S402