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Optimize recipe cost and save money in manufacturing

Breakthrough to unparalleled efficiency and cost savings

Imagine being able to increase your margins by creating better products more efficiently. Top challenges today include making production lines run faster and more cost efficiently. And when reducing recipe or formulation costs, you can't afford to compromise the product qualities that made your food, beverage, pet food or personal care product popular in the first place.

How can you improve efficiency — and profitability — while delivering the same great product performance and experience?

Discover how a broad portfolio of in-demand ingredients driven by consumer insights, innovative thinking, formulation expertise and process understanding can help you optimize your recipe costs and plant output — without sacrificing product quality. 

  • Increase consumer preference by baking in on-demand claims and a superior eating experience
  • Substitute more expensive ingredients with affordable options that perform
  • Increase line speeds and decrease ingredient mix or hydration time
  • Reduce energy and water usage
  • Minimize product or ingredient waste
  • Improve yield
  • Speed drying time
  • Control the timing of thickening
  • Preserve or maintain texture, taste and other sensory and functional characteristics … and more

Explore cost-savings

Improved batter and breading adhesion

Learn how to keep the crispiness consumers crave, while reducing product waste.


Cream and fat reduction

Learn how to cut cream, without cutting creaminess.


Tomato solid replacement

Discover the secret to saucy goodness, using less tomato solids.


Here are just a few of the ways we’re helping customers reduce recipe costs today

Our solutions in imitation cheese, for example, go beyond recipe savings to reduce gelling time and product waste. And in papermaking, our nature-based additives allow for greater drainage, fiber retention and finished product strength. We’re in it with you to help you save across your operations.

Application Featured ingredient Description

Imitation cheese

Get better gelling, melting and stretching – for less. Replace to 35% of costly casein while preserving product sensory and functional qualities

Dairy, yogurt

N-DULGE® C1 modified starch and PRECISA® Cream texture system

Build back texture when replacing dairy fats and solids in creamy, smooth dairy-based products

Dressings, dips and sauces

N-CREAMER® 2000 modified food starch

Reduce egg products in savory applications to extend recipe savings

Hot dogs, emulsified meat

PENBIND® 1015 modified potato starch

Improve yield and design just-right firmness while maintaining juiciness

Dressings, low- fat and -calorie foods

ULTRA-TEX® 1311 modified potato starch

Deliver premium, creamy textures with excellent stability without impacting taste

Corrugating adhesive additive

CORAGUM® TCE Thermal conductivity enhancer

Improve adhesive drying speed to maximize production speed, reduce waste and improve board properties

Let’s make your goals a reality

Agile collaboration. Deep formulation expertise. Broad portfolio of in-demand ingredients. Market research and consumer insights.


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Balancing product priorities today can have a long-term impact on your brand positioning

Consumers are driving demand for healthier and more sustainable products. At the same time, food and beverage manufacturers are facing persistent supply challenges, regulatory requirements and record-level inflation.

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