Bring on-trend nutritional benefits to your gluten-free products

Bring on-trend nutritional benefits to your gluten-free products

Create the delicious, gluten-free products consumers really want with our gluten-free ingredient solutions. As demand for these types of products grows, so should the ability to create gluten-free products that taste and look like the “real” thing — and that have built-in nutritional goodness.

Gluten is an important component of taste and texture in traditional food products due to its unique functional properties. And removing it causes unique formulation challenges, from poor dough elasticity and reduced product shelf life to dry, crumbly, grainy textures and reduced protein, nutrients and fiber. The good news is that you can create gluten-free rolls, muffins and other products with a perfectly open and coarse crumb grain — with the nutritional benefits that are often lacking — with the help of our gluten-free ingredients.

“How can I close the divide between gluten-free and traditional baked goods?”

Our gluten-free ingredient solutions can help you create the eating experience consumers want and solve a number of gluten-free texture challenges, including:

  • Reduced volume
  • Lack of bite or structure, uneven cell structure
  • Dry, crumbly, grainy texture
  • Poor crust color and development
  • Grainy flavor
  • Gumminess
  • Taste

“What can I do to extend shelf-life stability and improve processability in my formulation?”

To make a product that consumers want to come back for again and again, the process often starts with the dough and its elasticity and viscosity. Without it, you can end up with smaller volumes, large holes in the structure, dense or rubbery crumbs, product collapse and more.

By controlling moisture, you can increase shelf life and improve the machinability and processability of your gluten-free products — making it simpler for you to manufacture the products your customers want.

“How can I enhance my nutrition while still protecting my texture and taste in my gluten-free product?”

You can bring on-trend nutritional benefits to your gluten-free products while maintaining the taste and texture your consumers demand with our gluten-free ingredient solutions. Deliver in-demand protein enhancement with plant proteins and flours from pulses. Or enhance fiber with resistant starches, dietary fibers and prebiotic fibers. And with our texturizers, non-caloric sweeteners and drop-in flour replacement systems, you won’t have to rely as heavily on flavor maskers, like sugar and fat to make your products taste great.

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