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Addressing manufacturer challenges

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Manufacturing to meet consumer needs

Fueled by consumer trends, achieving the right taste and texture, meeting nutrition levels, or adding in new ingredients can be a challenge when formultating new snacks, or reformulating consumer favorites.

That's where our snacking experts come in, to provide insights and resources to get you and your team started with your formulation needs, and also identify any overlaps, where a system-oriented solution of multiple ingredients could enhance your formulation.

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How can I achieve clean label?

As a starting point, lean on your supplier to guide you on which ingredients you need for functionality, and which can be replaced to reach clean label status.

Additionally, recognize that not all labels are the same. Consumer preferences for label claims vary region-to-region, and your supplier can help you navigate those differences.

Download our Powering profits: The next frontier of clean label formulation report to learn more about formulating snacks for clean label.

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How do I increase protein levels while maintaining texture and nutrition?

High-protein labels can be a differentiating factor for many manufacturers, not only for expanding label claims, but also as a way to answer stubborn production questions with extruded snacks, or enhance sustainability across an entire portfolio.

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Our experts explore ways to improve existing formulations.

Erin Nese and Cana Ozer, of our Technologist team, walk through the production of a snack bar formulation, where the goal is to increase protein and show formulation variations using full and reduced sugar.

They then dive into comparing protein bars made with different protein sources including, pea, rice, soy, and whey, to provide a comprehensive overview of the benefits and differences of each protein source.

Snacking: Manufacturer Challenges

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