Ingredient Amount % as is
Oats, rolled, old fashioned 17.12
Crisp rice 13.65
Barley flakes 11.49
Cranberries, dried, reduced sugar 8.20
Glycerin 2.87
Malt powder 2.84
Oil, canola 1.90
Salt, table 0.31
ASTRAEA® liquid allulose 14.08
VERSAFIBE™ 285 soluble corn fiber 9.75
VERSASWEET™ 1721 34 DE glucose syrup 6.00
Water 3.25
Sigma SN5 stevia sweetener 0.03
Flavor, maple, natural 0.21
Vanilla extract 0.21
TOTAL 100.00


  1. Combine dry ingredients in Hobart 12-qt mixing bowl, blend and set aside.
  2. Binder can be made in Groen Kettle by first heating liquid ingredient (ASTRAEA® liquid allulose, VERSASWEET™ 1721 34 DE glucose syrup, glycerin, liquid oil and water) to 180˚F, then incorporate rest of the dry ingredient (malt powder, salt, maltodextrin, VERSAFIBE™ 285 soluble corn fiber and Sigma SN5 stevia sweetener) for binder in liquid while mixing.
  3. Maintain temperature around 175˚F-180˚F. Check syrup Brix with a refractometer and adjust solids to between 87.5-88.0º Brix. Remove from heat once syrup reaches Brix target.
  4. Stir in flavoring agent(vanilla extract, maple extract)until thoroughly incorporated to complete binding syrup.
  5. Pour binding syrup over and mix further with spatula as needed to evenly coat.
  6. Press 900g of mixture firmly into rectangular bar mold and roll the bar into a smooth slab using rolling pin. Ensure mold is fully and evenly packed or bars will not form correctly.
  7. Cut the bar slab into array of 2x10 bars once completely cooled, using mezzaluna cutter.
  8. Package bars in clamshells on parchment liners, and seal clamshells in metallized bags. Let the bar settle for 2 week, then remove bags and store at ambient condition.