Vanilla nutrition beverage

High protein plant-based

Vanilla nutrition beverage

Ingredion Ingredients Used: Simplistica BV 1325 - 75000507

Utilize SIMPLISTICA® BV 1325 as an all-in-one system to deliver high protein content using Pea Protein Isolate, Gellan Gum for superior stability and Acacia for emulsification​



Ingredient Amount % as is
Water 82.33
Organic cane sugar 7.50
Organic sunflower oil 1.00
Flavor systems .40
Calcium carbonate .32
Salt .05
TOTAL 100.00


  1. Add dry blended ingredients to water in Likwifier and mix for 10 minutes at ~ 500 RPMs.
  2. Transfer mixture to MicroThermics 2S-25 mixing tank with Lightnin Mixer on medium agitation.
  3. UHT Process Upstream: Heat to 149ºF/ 63ºC, homogenize at 2000/500 psi (138/34 bar), pasteurize at 275ºF/ 135 ºC hold for 6 seconds. 
  4. Fill <50ºF into sterilized containers. Store at 32ºF for up to 4 weeks.