Greek-style cashew yogurt alternative


Greek-style cashew yogurt alternative

Ingredion Ingredients Used: Simplistica YG 1313 - 75000930

This yogurt alternative system, along with cashew milk, delivers a high protein nutritional profile and a firm, yet creamy texture with a neutral flavor.


Ingredient Amount % as is
Cashew milk 85.76
Simplistica YG 1313 - 75000930 9.24
Sugar 5.00
TOTAL 100.00


  1. Add dry blended ingredients to cashew milk in Likwifier and mix for 30 minutes at ~ 500 RPMs.
  2. Transfer mixture to MicroThermics 2S-25 mixing tank ~15 min with Lightnin Mixer on medium agitation.
  3. HTST Process Upstream: Heat to 149ºF/ 63ºC, homogenize at 2100/700. psi (145/48 bar), pasteurize at 203ºF/ 95 ºC (unit set to 208ºF/ 98ºC), hold for 6 minutes. 
  4. Cool to inoculation temperature of 110 ºF +/- 2º (43ºC). Inoculate with 0.2% of 10% diluted culture.
  5. Incubate for ~5-6 hours at 110 ºF/ 43ºC to reach a target pH of 4.6. 
  6. Pump on Mouvex (1000RPM) and Ytron (1000RPM).
  7. Collect in appropriate containers and store at 40 ºF/ 4ºC for up to 7 weeks.