Utilize ENLITEN® high intensity sweetener and ASTRAEA® liquid allulose to replace brown sugar and reduce sugar content.


Ingredient Amount % as is
Water 43.40
Soy sauce, low sodium 27.61
ASTRAEA® liquid allulose 14.00
Oil, sesame 3.96
Onion, yellow, diced 3.68
Garlic, minced 3.19
Vinegar, rice 2.12
Ginger, puree, minced 0.85
PenBind® 1040 modified potato starch 0.75
Ticaxan® xanthan powder 0.20
Red pepper, crushed 0.13
Pepper, black, ground 0.08
ENLITEN® high intensity sweetener 0.03
TOTAL 100.00


  1. Add ingredients into a Thermomix under agitation.
  2. Mix at speed 2 and heat to 90˚C for five minutes.
  3. Pour and cool in a separate container