Case study: Foodservice cost savings

Cut the cream. Not the creaminess.

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Want lower cream costs without sacrificing texture or indulgent appeal? See how to replace half of the cream for up to 25% savings.


QSRs and Casual Dining Operators known for creamy soups and sauces; dairy,  soup, sauce, dip and dressing manufacturers.



Due to the rising costs of cream and butter, customers were looking for ways to reduce costs without compromising the quality, silky texture and mouthfeel of their popular soups and sauces.



Ingredion demonstrated how its reduced fat formulations allowed customers to use up to 50% less cream or fat in their soups and sauces. PRECISA® Cream systems and N-DULGE Co-texturizers utilize a unique technology to deliver the creaminess and mouthfeel of higher-fat products without powderiness.



Ingredion’s cream reduction formulation and co-texturizers provide superior cost-effective solutions that are process-tolerant and easily adaptable to a wide range of conditions. Without compromising the overall quality of the final product, these applications improve the nutritional profile, while delivering an enhanced mouthfeel and sensory experience. They can also reduce recipe costs by up to 25%.



Our customers’ growing need to reduce costs is rivaled only by their desire to retain texture, creaminess, shelf life and sensory properties. Our formulation expertise gives customers the opportunity to substantially cut fat and cream content, reduce recipe costs and maintain a superior sensory experience — making Ingredion the ideal partner for delicious cost-effective solutions.

Case study: Cream sauce cost savings

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