The four pillars behind great taste

March 09, 2022

How can you formulate great-tasting, clean label food and beverages to keep consumers loyal while creating added value?

We know consumers increasingly look at ingredient labels and make decisions based on what they see. Reduced sugar or salt, sustainably sourced, plant-based, natural and more. But to drive consumer loyalty, taste and texture are key.

The bottom line is that if consumers don't get what they want out of their eating and drinking experience, they are not likely to purchase your product again. So how do you build great taste while optimizing ingredient costs? What elements go into creating a desirable experience?

The four taste pillars for success

From sweet to savory, the four pillars are tactics to help enhance your products' taste, whether it's delivering sweetness quality, improving mouthfeel, blocking bitterness, amplifying flavor notes, or magnifying salty flavors without the salt. Rely on our applications expertise, stevia-based flavor modifiers and knowhow in taste modulation to:

  • Deliver taste improvements across all categories, from baked goods to beverages
  • Reduce dependency on other drivers of higher cost, or less traceable tools
  • Take charge of the overall eating and drinking experience

Sweetness quality

Improving sweetness quality is not adding sweetness, it's about carving the sweetness profile to deliver a first hint of qualitative upfront impact to get your products' taste closer to sugar like.

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Backend build

Increase product likability by masking off-notes such as bitterness in protein, muting astringency, improving the overall balance and rounding out flavor combinations.

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Flavor synergies

Boost targeted tonal flavors such as fruit or spice notes to build a product with a convincing taste profile. Also, improve cost efficiency by reducing the use of more expensive flavor extracts. 

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Sodium reduction

Stevia-based flavor modifiers can do so much more than optimize sweetness. Imagine more flavor and less salt. Magnify salty, satisfying umami flavors while reducing sodium use.

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Let’s make your taste goals a reality

Agile collaboration. Deep formulation expertise. Broad portfolio of in-demand ingredients. Market research and consumer insights.


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