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French fries losing crispiness over time and driving up waste? Ingredion can help you reduce costs with increased hold times.


QSRs and Casual Dining Operators with French fries on their menus.


Under pressure to reduce operational costs and product waste of French fries that lose their appeal over time, chain partners looked to Ingredion for an innovative solution. Key objectives included extending crispiness, maintaining texture, increasing hold times and above all, meeting patrons’ high taste expectations.


Drawing on our industry expertise and our extensive portfolio of innovative clear coating technologies, Ingredion created an affordable solution that improved product texture and extended hold times while preserving key sensory and functional qualities. Featuring a robust coating structure, the Ingredion solution delivers outstanding crispiness and resistance under heat lamps.


Ingredion’s French fry solution maintains the viscosity of the coating—adhering to the product to maintain appearance and texture. Our solution not only promotes optimal crispiness to enhance the sensory experience; it achieves significant cost savings by reducing food waste.


The need for an effective solution to reduce waste and cut costs was critical to our chain partners. With Ingredion, our customers benefited from a program that maintained French fry texture longer — limiting product waste without reducing the product’s pleasing appearance or the essential sensory properties patrons crave. Best of all, our solution delivered cost savings.

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