Fact sheet

Selecting stabilizers for plant-based frozen desserts

Let our food systems experts help you choose the stabilizer that meets your functional and label claim goals for your non-dairy frozen dessert. 

As the plant-based food and beverage market continues to grow rapidly, non-dairy frozen dessert launches are keeping pace. But formulating these delights without dairy components makes it a challenge to deliver a recognizable and enjoyable eating experience that mimics that of full-dairy counterparts. Often these challenges are resolved with the addition of hydrocolloids or a stabilizer system.

Functions of stabilizers and ingredient systems in non-dairy frozen desserts

  • Control ice crystallization
  • Improve freeze/thaw stability
  • Provide emulsion stability
  • Optimize mouthfeel
  • Replace mono- and di-glycerides
  • Support flavor usage adjustment

To recommend a stabilizer or ingredient system that best meets your product development goals, our SOLUTION GURUS™ will often talk with you to get a better understanding of the specifics of your formulation and manufacturing process. Several important factors will help to guide selection:

  • Current label claims
  • Desired functionality
  • Type of non-dairy base used
  • Method of heating your non-dairy base
  • Percentages of solids, fats and overrun

Tips for targeting specific challenges

Follow these pointers to see how to address the key issues in creating dairy alternative frozen desserts.

Reducing the iciness

Iciness is typically a result of low solids or low fat. Increasing the sugar or sugar alcohols can combat this. Ingredion's SIMPLISTICA® BV 0358 stabilizer system provides an optimal solution by leveraging a system of ingredients to provide the functionality of sugar solids and sweetness without using sugar, for more appealing labels. In low-fat products, reducing the iciness may also take increasing the percentage of stabilizers.

Achieving a smooth, scoopable texture

Facing hard frozen textures in your dairy alternative frozen dessert? We often recommend increasing the solids in your formulation, which will create a softer texture. Additionally, increasing the overrun (amount of air in the finished formulation) will assist with this as well.

Increasing your product's overrun

Gum acacia is commonly used in ice cream as an emulsifier and will increase the overrun in both dairy and non-dairy frozen desserts. With our DAIRYBLEND® Natural IC 21 stabilizer system, you can gain an effective way to increase overrun and replace sugars, thanks to the gum acacia in this system.

Contact our food systems team for the full scoop on formulation solutions

Our SOLUTION GURUS™ are ready to guide you to the stabilizer systems that work best in your dairy alternative frozen desserts. Just call our technical support hotline at 1-800-713-0208 or chat with us.