Exceptional mouthfeel in dairy and non-dairy instant beverages

April 04, 2022 | Case study


Manufacturer in Germany is struggling to build back texture in product undergoing harsh processing conditions


Explore ingredients with proven superior process tolerance and desired attributes in their product and manufacturing conditions


Product launched successfully, and company was able to enter into a new growth category to meet a growing demand in indulgent alternative dairy

Case Study Findings:

Mouthfeel enhancement

Provide a superior mouthfeel with a tapioca texturizer that offers body and provides creaminess to a beverage at low usage levels, while also enabling partial replacement of milk

Reliable & sustainable supply capabilities

Local sourcing of tapioca enables a sustainably sourced supply and shorter lead time


Leverage Ingredion’s technical expertise to get you to market faster with off-the-shelf solutions for complex applications, like dry beverage mixes

Case Study Key:

Consumer well-being

Environmental impact

Value creation