Delivering quality and indulgence consumers expect

April 04, 2022 | Case study


Manufacturer in Germany is struggling to build back texture in product undergoing harsh processing conditions


Explore ingredients with proven superior process tolerance and desired attributes in their product and manufacturing conditions


Product launched successfully, and company was able to enter into a new growth category to meet a growing demand in indulgent alternative dairy

Case Study Findings:

Manufacturing impact

By using targeted tapioca starches, the plant-based dessert can withstand harsh processing conditions and present as an indulgent product in the category

On-trend labeling

Enable front of pack claims and meet consumer trends (non-GM, vegan) while meeting sustainability demands

Building back texture

Create indulgent plant-based products that provide a cohesive texture, smooth surfaces, and creamy mouthfeel 

Case Study Key:

Consumer well-being

Environmental impact

Value creation