Plant-based shredded chick ‘n

Plant protein powered

Plant-based shredded chick ‘n

Ingredion Ingredients Used: VITESSENCE® TEX Crumbles 102 textured protein - 70000339



Ingredient Amount % as is
VITESSENCE® TEX Crumbles 102 textured protein 37.45
Water 59.93
Salt 1.87
Black pepper 0.75
TOTAL 100.00


  1. Combine all ingredients in a vacuum seal bag. Shake/stir until the crumbles are hydrated.
  2. Flatten crumbles into an even layer.
  3. Using a Multi-Vac, pull a vacuum to 20mb.
  4. Cook sous vide in an immersion circulator at 165°F for 90 minutes. Cool in ice bath.
  5. Serve like you would chicken pieces (as is, chicken salad, BBQ sauce, salad topper etc)

3 slices of lemon and a sprig of tarragon or mix with dressing for a plant-based chick ‘n salad