Create plant-based snacks with healthy appeal

Differentiate with non-GMO, gluten-free flours, concentrates and isolates

Consumers want more than great taste and crunch in extruded crisps and snacks. They also want to feel good about their snacks — and seek healthier choices that are high in protein, fiber and micronutrients.1

How can you enhance the nutrition and label appeal of crisps and snacks?

With Ingredion's portfolio of flours, concentrates and isolates, now success is in the bag. Sustainably sourced from on-trend plants such as peas, lentils, chickpeas, and faba beans, these plant proteins enable you to deliver unique flavors, clean labels and winning nutritional benefits, while enjoying functional benefits in formulation.

Draw from our innovative lineup for crispy, salty snacks

Boost the good-for-you benefits. Break out from the pack with clean label, non-GMO and gluten-free claims. Whether you need to replace wheat, or control expansion in extruded crisps, Ingredion has the plant-powered solution to help your product win with today's consumers.

Boost protein and crunch: HOMECRAFT® Pulse flours

Get the process efficiencies you need plus clean label appeal in crispy puffs, curls and other extruded creations.

  • Controls expansion in extruded snacks
  • 10% to 20% protein (dry basis) — typically more than cereal grains
  • Created from sources such as faba beans, chickpeas, yellow and red lentils, and yellow and green peas; deflavored options available

Explore our North American-sourced pulse flours

Deliver balanced nutrition: VITESSENCE® Pulse concentrates

For snacks with more good-for-you benefits, create with our concentrates, delivering important fiber and micronutrients along with in-demand protein.

  • 55% to 60% protein (dry basis)
  • Can help enable “good source of protein” and “high in protein” claims
  • Made from sources such as lentils, peas and faba beans; deflavored options available
  • Can help control expansion in extruded snacks
Explore pulse protein concentrates

Support high levels of protein: VITESSENCE® Pulse pea protein isolates

Plant-based proteins are among the most highly accepted ingredients across applications including2:

  • Chickpea Protein
  • Rice Protein
  • Lentil Protein
  • Pea Protein
Explore pea protein isolates

A better choice for consumers, and the planet

Did you know that pulse proteins require 100 times less water3 than animal protein, and 4­­–7X less energy4 than the same amount of animal proteins to produce? Learn more about the sustainability advantages of pulses in the video below.

Create plant-based snacks with healthy appeal

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1. Ingredion proprietary research with Mintel, August 2020.

2 Ingredion ATLAS proprietary consumer research, 2021

3. González, A. D., Frostell, B., & Carlsson-Kanyama, A. (2011). Protein efficiency per unit energy and per unit greenhouse gas emissions: Potential contribution of diet choices to climate change mitigation. Food Policy36(5), 562–570.

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