Sangria-flavored beverage

Clear emulsion

Sangria-flavored beverage

Ingredion Ingredients Used:

Two glasses with Spanish fruit Sangria



Ingredient % % as is
Water 88.13
Apple juice concentrate, Kerr concentrates 6.05
Concord grape juice concentrate, Kerr Concentrates 5.45
Fruit and vegetable juice 0.19
Citric acid 0.16
ENLITEN® TG302000 Reb A stevia sweetener 0.02
Non-weighted flavor emulsion: 0.005
Q-NATURALE 200 emulsifier (quillaja extract) 49.85
Natural sangria flavor 49.65
Sodium benzoate 0.15
Citric acid 0.30
Water 0.05


  1. Dissolve the required amounts of sodium benzoate in water.
  2. Dissolve citric acid in the above solution (step 1).
  3. Add Q-NATURALE® high-efficiency emulsifier with moderate agitation (may foam if over-agitated).
  4. Make pre-emulsion by slowly adding natural sangria flavor under high shear, and continue to sheer for 2 minutes at 7500 rpm after the oil is fully added. (LCI Ross high shear mix or equivalent).
  5. Homogenize the above pre-emulsion using high pressure homogenizer; two passes at 6000/600 psi.
  6. Check particle size of the emulsion. Particle size should be less than 1 micron, preferably 0.3 to 0.4 micron, to ensure emulsion stability.


  1. It’s important to follow the procedure of dissolving sodium benzoate in water first, followed by citric acid. Otherwise, precipitation may occur.
  2. You can add medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) to the oil blend if the oil density is too low, as the emulsion will tend to separate faster when the oil density is much lower than the water phase.
  3. It is recommended not to use high shear mixing in preparing the Q-NATURALE emulsifier water phase, as it will increase the formation of foam.
  4. Increase the Q-NATURALE emulsifier level in the emulsion if the emulsion droplet sizes are larger than 0.3-0.4 micron.
  5. Optimize homogenization pressure and number of passes to obtain a stable emulsion.

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