Strawberry-flavored yogurt drink

No sugar added

Strawberry-flavored yogurt drink

Ingredion Ingredients Used:

Strawberry yogurt with fresh berries, delicious drink, cocktail



Ingredient Amount % as is
Nonfat dry milk 7.540
Heavy cream 1.400
Water 90.980
LM pectin 0.015
PureCircle Reb M 0.063
Natural strawberry flavor 0.100
Strawberry cream color 0.050


  1. Blend dry ingredients prior to processing.
  2. Add dry pre-blend to nonfat dry milk, cream and water in a Likwifier and mix for 20 minutes at approximately 500 rpm.
  3. Transfer mixture to a holding tank and process through the MicroThermics processing equipment, with an upstream process.
  4. Adjust the pre-heat to 145ºF and then homogenize at 1425/435 psi.
  5. Pasteurize the mix at 203ºF for 6 minutes.
  6. Cool pasteurized yogurt mix to approximately 110ºF. Inoculate with yogurt culture at 0.02% and ferment until the pH drops to 4.6.
  7. Cool yogurt through MicroThermics glycol chiller tube to approximately 45-55ºF with built-in 60 mesh screen. Package yogurt beverage directly off the chiller into bottles.
  8. Mix in flavor and color within 1 week.


  1. Yogurt has to be prepared in hygienic steel containers.
  2. The time and temperature of fermentation has to be monitored very carefully to produce optimum products. Too long or too short fermentation will produce a product with inferior flavor or texture.

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