Case study: Foodservice tomato solids

Scale back those tomato solids. Keep that pulpy goodness.

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High tomato prices squeezing your margins? Ingredion can show you how to reduce costs of tomato solids up to 15% — while keeping the pulpy, saucy goodness your consumers love.


QSRs and Casual Dining Operators that have pizza, pasta and BBQ sauce on their menus; sauce and dressing manufacturers.


Due to the ongoing fluctuations in pricing of tomato-based products, customers were looking for ways to cut back on tomato solids without compromising pulpiness or reducing the overall quality of the eating experience.


Ingredion successfully replaced up to 35% of tomato solids with one- or two-piece solutions that reduced recipe costs and ingredient cost fluctuation while preserving product sensory, texture and functional qualities. PENBIND® 1040 is a highly stable, process-tolerant modified potato starch that’s easily incorporated into the formula and provides excellent viscosity with pulpy texture. NATIONAL 465 (or your viscosifier) + TEXTAID® A modified corn starch delivers a pulpy texture at a low addition rate.


Ingredion’s tomato solids replacement solutions maintain a pulpy appearance, a pleasing texture and viscosity, and deliver an optimal sensory experience. What’s more, there is no change to boil-out and water retention. In addition to delivering up to 15% cost savings, our advanced replacement solutions reduce exposure to fluctuation of tomato paste prices to improve cost and profit forecasting.


Effectively replacing tomato solids in recipes while maintaining the great taste customers demand is a growing need. Ingredion’s innovative tomato replacement solutions can successfully replace up to 35% of tomato solids to reduce recipe costs — all while delivering a flavorful eating experience with no changes in texture, sensory properties or appearance.

Case study: Tomato solids replacement

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