Vanilla fruit prep for blended yogurt

Reduced sugar

Vanilla fruit prep for blended yogurt

Ingredion Ingredients Used: NOVATION PRIMA® 300 - 34131A00

Plain white yogurt in glass jar with coconut spoons. Top View. Flat Lay. Sustainability concept



Ingredient Full sugar control (%) 70% reduced sugar (%)
Water 43.530 30.970
Sucrose 50.000 14.290
ASTRAEA® Allulose (liquid) 0.000 48.260
PureCircle Reb M 0.000 0.032
Citric acid 0.025 0.025
Potassium sorbate 0.010 0.010
Vanilla extract (2x) 1.100 1.100


  1. Sweetener is divided in half and added in two phases, before and after cook.
  2. Transfer the first addition of sweetener, water, the potassium sorbate and the starch (add the starch around the blade) to a Thermomix. Next, add the plastic mixing device.
  3. Place the top and top of spout on top of mixer and set the vessel into the Thermomix.
  4. Set the timer to 27 minutes.
  5. Set the other parameters to 185°F at a shear of 1.
  6. While product is mixing, weigh out the remaining sugar, citric acid and vanilla
  7.  When the Thermomix is complete, add the citric acid.
  8. Next add the sugar water and using a whisk, gently whisk to create a smooth consistency.
  9. Allow to cool slightly and add vanilla.
  10. Store in refrigerator until ready to mix with yogurt.


  1. Sweetener needs to be divided into two portions to allow for enough free water to cook the starch.

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