TICALOID® Acacia Max Video: High Performance Emulsifier

Video: TICALOID® Acacia Max: High performance emulsifier

[Narrator] Ingredion presents TICALOID ® Acacia Max, changing how we create emulsions. Join our solution experts, Derek and Karen, as they tackle challenges formulators currently are facing as well as the solutions provided by the new and exciting product, TICALOID Acacia Max.

Acacia is an emulsifier so a lot of flavor oils don't go into water and they are used to flavor the beverages. So gum acacia is used as the emulsifier. Acacia is minimally processed, comes from nature. It also creates great cloud. So if you're looking for cloud in your beverage, it's the gold standard for that as well. While gum acacia has been the gold standard for emulsifying flavors, colors, and beverages, there are certain types of formulations that are outside the capabilities of gum acacia or commercially available stabilizers.

Common issues when you don't have a well-emulsified flavor oil or beverage oil or color oil, you'll start to see sort of like the ringing at the top of the beverage, which is the oil separating out. You might get a little discoloration on the cap of the beverage so that's probably the first thing you would see if you were using too high of an oil load with not the right emulsifier.

Emulsion manufacturers can't risk shipping a product that breaks prematurely or isn't stable in the final application, so they've had to formulate within the limitations of current emulsifiers.

Our customers are frequently asking us to remove weighting agents from their formulas. It's one of the biggest questions they get from consumers. Consumers are paying attention to what's on their labels. It's very difficult to do with gum acacia emulsified beverages and you would typically experience some of those quality defects such as ringing. So our customers love using gum acacia. It's very easy to work with. It's cold water soluble. It is low viscosity for ease of processing. So we really wanted to use our expertise in beverage emulsions and our history with gum acacia and our expertise in gum acacia to develop TICALOID Acacia Max.

TICALOID Acacia Max is a high performance emulsifier, which goes through a proprietary manufacturing process to increase the performance. So it allows for lower usage levels. It allows for higher oil loading and in general, more stable emulsions. And the benefit is that the label doesn't change. It's still gum acacia, but with just overall better performance across the board.

The main benefit of TICALOID Acacia Max is that you can use 70% less when compared to traditional gum acacia, while maintaining the same label. By switching over to TICALOID Acacia Max, you can cut down on the usage level required, really lowering your cost in use, and you can increase your oil load from that 12 to 15%, all the way up to 24%. This allows for the customer to make more concentrated emulsions, which can free up line time in manufacturing.

So high oil load emulsions remain really challenging to create. In general, what you'll see is they have short shelf life. Your emulsion particle size will grow rapidly, but with TICALOID Acacia Max, we've found a way to create these high oil load emulsions, which will remain stable even with oil loading up to 24%. weighting agents are generally used in flavor emulsions where we have an oil phase with really low density. And the challenge with working with those types of oils is that if the density difference between the aqueous and oil phases is really great, then those oil droplets have a high tendency to cream to the top of an emulsion. To solve that you typically would add a weighting agent, which is an oil-based ingredient with a density greater than water to help reduce that density difference between the two phases. And that really will help stabilize an emulsion.

With TICALOID Acacia Max, we actually can create stable emulsions that don't include weighting agent. So you can remove the weighting agent and because TICALOID Acacia Max is such a strong emulsifier, it can emulsify even despite that difference in density between your oil and aqueous phase. In color emulsions, the main benefit to TICALOID Acacia Max is that it provides great shelf life. And also you can increase the level of color in your emulsion, for example, a beta carotene or a paprika oleoresin.

While TICALOID Acacia Max is a great high-performance emulsifier, it also is ethically and sustainably sourced ingredient. The first key to having reliable material is creating a good relationship with the suppliers. So understanding where our material is coming from, who the people are who are collecting it and responsible for it at source and then lots and lots of testing. So we test the material many times over to identify the right sourcing location, to identify how material quality is changing over time, and to make sure that we're following the good material as climates and things change.

Big part of being able to test material at source is that you have to have testing locations set up, and you have to have people there who are trained in all of the different test methods. One of the tasks that we took on was to create these testing centers, which have the ability to do all of this testing and also have the same expertise that we have here in order to conduct all of the required testing but as early on in the process as possible.

One of the biggest needs for the growing communities is the access to clean water and that really is a huge challenge. They have to walk many miles to collect clean water and so for us, one of the biggest ways we can help is to help them access clean water through new wells. And so we do have a well-digging program where in certain growing communities, we go there and dig a well so that they have access to clean water and that's not something that they have to stress about.

At Ingredion Idea Labs, we have all of the expertise and equipment required to solve a customer's challenge. This would include particle size analyzers, homogenizers, LUMiFuges, Turbiscans, all of the different equipment required really to create a stable emulsion and then to test the emulsion throughout its shelf life. Along with that, we have the expertise required to understand how to test emulsion stability, how to create stable emulsions. And so we can take a concept from a customer and turn it into a real product for them.

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