Make it sweet & simple with Allulose: Apricot and fig pinwheel cookies

video commercial baking with allulose
Video: Commercial baking with Allulose: Apricot & fig cookies

Make it sweet & simple with allulose video series
Episode 3: Apricot and fig pinwheel cookies


Want to create in-demand, reduced-sugar baked goods, with great flavor and mouthfeel? Welcome to another Make It Sweet and Simple with Allulose video, from your sugar-reduction experts here at Ingredion. Hi, I'm Taylor May, and I'm a culinologist at Ingredion.

Today, I'll be showing you how to use the rare sugar, allulose, to get sweet results in a satisfying apricot cookie.

Here, we're going to start with our figs, and we combined this flavor profile with some ginger as well as cardamom, to get this lovely, dark paste, that we're going to put into a pinwheel cookie.

Allulose is great because it can be incorporated in doughs, fillings, as well as batters, at a maximum usage rate of 10% per dry basis. We also came up with the flavor profile utilizing apricots, as well as some nutmeg, and oranges, to get this nice orange paste.

In the fillings, allulose is used because it is sweet. It's 70% as sweet as sugar, so it helps you maintain that sweetness in the reduced-sugar application, and it's also great to help bind the ingredients in the paste and filling together.

Here, we're utilizing the allulose in the dough, as well as the fillings. This is our nice dough, as you can see. You can see a little bit here, we can see the different layers, which is why we wanted to highlight this pinwheel shape, to really see everything that is involved in this cookie.

The allulose is used in the dough to help improve the texture, and build back the structure, as well as help with browning. After we put them in the oven, they come out and they look like this.

And so, typically when you make reduced-sugar baked goods, you lose that browning that the sugar provides, but allulose is great because it's a reducing sugar, so, it contributes to Maillard browning, and you get the nice, golden tint, that you would usually get in a full-sugar product.

For more ways to use allulose in low or reduced-sugar formulations, feel free to contact us, and make sure to go check out the other videos in this series.

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