Make it sweet & simple with Allulose: Orange café shakerato and watermelon aqua fresca

Video: Formulating beverages with Allulose: Shakerato & aqua fresca

Make it sweet & simple with allulose video series
Episode 1: Orange café shakerato and watermelon aqua fresca


Want to create in-demand, reduced-sugar beverages with great flavor and mouth feel? Welcome to another "Make it Sweet & Simple With Allulose," a video from your sugar-reduction experts at Ingredion. I'm Connor Thompson, Senior Culinologist, and today I'll be showing you how to use the rare sugar ASTRAEA® allulose to get sweet and satisfying results, in two tasty beverages.

We'll start with a coffee-based beverage called a "cafe shakerato" and then we'll move on to a classic watermelon agua fresca.

So I'm going to take my glass and an orange. So to start, we're going to peel a nice big piece of orange rind and put that right in our glass. I always like to peel over the glass cause you always get some nice essential oils coming out of the orange peel.

Next, I want something to kind of catch those essential oils. I'm going to muddle. So I'm going to add in about one tablespoon of ASTRAEA allulose. And for those of you that's about a pump and a half.

If you're not familiar with ASTRAEA allulose it's a great product. It's a sugar replacement and it's 70% as sweet as sugar. So as compared to other high intensity sweeteners it's a lot easier to use because it's so much closer in sweetness to sugar.

So I'm just going to lightly muddle this. Best thing about allulose though it's almost got no calories. It's got 10% of the calories of sugar coming in at 0.4 calories per gram, as compared to four calories per gram of traditional sugar. It's also that sugar-like viscosity. You can kind of see it. Let me get rid of this. And it's got a nice viscosity. So you get a beautiful mouthful feel, similar to sugar with the ASTRAEA allulose.

We've muddled our orange and we're going to add in a double shot of espresso. And we could mix this up add some ice and call it a drink. But I like to add a couple more things. First is a drop or two of almond extract. I think the almond extract is really creamy and you almost don't even notice it's there, but it links the citrusy orange and the earthy coffee together really well. Beautiful thing about allulose is it just combines super easily and then I'm going to put some ice right on top. Give it one more stir. I love how you get that nice caramely crema on top with the coffee and the bottom. And then lastly, just a dash of cream I think just kinda adds beauty to the drink. And then if we give that a stir. There we have it a very low calorie orange cafe shakerato.

It's time for a watermelon Agua Fresca. I'm going to make a pitcher’s worth and to start I've got some ingredients over here mainly watermelon juice and pineapple juice. And I'm going to take about a 60% ratio of watermelon to pineapple, pineapple’s a little more acidic and the watermelon’s a little more delicate. So I want to make sure that those watermelon flavors come through really well. I'm going to add some ginger juice. It really brightens up that drink. And we'll mix that around. This one’s even easier than the coffee drink.

We're just going to add in about three pumps of ASTRAEA allulose three, four. Mix that in and to serve we'll put it on ice, which you can see when I put that allulose in it just goes in very easily. It's a super easy product to use. And it really does a great job mimicking the sugars.

Here is a delicious and refreshing watermelon agua fresca. You know I can't help, but just try it out. Mm hm delicious. The juices play well together, the ginger gives it a zing and the allulose really does give it a nice little sweetness.

So as you can see allulose brings exciting options and sweet benefits to your sugar reduction toolkit.

For more ways to use allulose in low or reduced sugar formulations, be sure to get in touch with us at the link below and check out the other videos in this series.

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