Make it sweet & simple with Allulose: Mango tumeric coconut frozen dessert

video frozen dessert with allulose
Video: Formulating frozen desserts with Allulose: Mango tumeric coconut

Make it sweet & simple with allulose video series
Episode 2: Mango tumeric coconut frozen dessert


Wanna create in demand, reduced sugar, frozen desserts with a creamy scoopable texture? Welcome to another, "Make It Sweet and Simple With Allulose” video, from your sugar reduction experts at Ingredion. Hi, I'm Taylor May, and I'm a culinologist, here at Ingredion.

Today, I'll be showing you, how you can use the rare sugar allulose, to get sweet results in a non-dairy frozen dessert. More specifically we'll be making, a mango turmeric coconut frozen dessert.

So as far as the base is concerned, we have coconut milk, coconut water, mango-turmeric, a carrot-ginger inclusion, as well as allulose.

Allulose is great, because it can be incorporated into the base, really easily at a 5% maximum usage rate, in frozen dessert applications.

From the flavor profile side, we have a mango-turmeric, which was a custom creation from Kerr Concentrates, specifically for frozen dairy applications, it really hits on the theme of spice flavors, from botanical sources, which is very trendy right now. They also created a carrot-ginger inclusion, which pairs really nicely with the mango-turmeric base. Both of these are highlighting Kerr’s capability, to formulate with our library of fruits, vegetables, and on-trend ingredients.

As I said, allulose is incorporated into the base, and we have our base materials here. Allulose is about 70% as sweet as sugar, so it's helping you maintain that sweetness, in this reduced sugar application, and it also contributes almost no calories at all. So just 0.4 kilocalories per gram. So when we take a look at this, allulose is great, because it helps build back the viscosity and the nape, of the base. So as you can see here, really nice texture that we're getting, with the allulose included in the base formula.

Typically when formulating reduced sugar, non-dairy frozen dessert applications, you lose the scoopability, and the freezing point is impacted, and the texture and mouthfeel are typically lost. But with allulose, it helps build back the structure, and provides a good overrun.

So what we're going to do, is we're going to scoop this ice cream, and you're gonna see how nicely it scoops. You get a nice, beautiful round scoop, go ahead and put that in our bowl. Allulose influences the ice crystal formation, by lowering the freezing point, which ultimately helps balance the longer chain carbohydrates, allowing the scoop to stay soft throughout the shelf life.

As you can see allulose brings exciting options, and sweet benefits to your sugar reduction portfolio. For more ways to use allulose, in low or reduced sugar formulations, feel free to contact us, and make sure to go check out the other videos, in this series.

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