Formulating made simple video: On-trend high protein beverage

Video: Formulating on-trend high protein beverages


If you're looking to create sports nutrition beverages with both functional benefits and satisfying flavors to meet the growing consumer focus on health and fitness, you've come to the right place. Hello, I'm Joe Sykro, a senior technologist and technical service at Ingredion. In this formulating made simple video, I'll be showing you how to formulate for a high protein and low sugar without sacrificing taste and texture, so that you can create the on-trend sports nutrition beverages your consumers are looking for. Let's get into it.

In this beverage video, we will be highlighting a few key ingredients that can be used to create a high protein beverage for healthy recovery after workouts. Recovery beverages are commonly used to provide valuable fluids and nutrients needed by active individuals after workout sessions. These beverages provide the fuel our bodies need to remain healthy and active.

To achieve a great-tasting high protein beverage, we are using our SIMPLISTICA BV 1369 product. It is an all-in-one solution to enhance protein and mouthfeel while simultaneously providing suspension in delivering sweetness to your beverage. By combining our pea protein isolate and Stevia leaf extract with our gellan gum and Acacia, this ingredient system makes formulating your beverage simple. The level of protein and the protein source are important factors to keep in mind during your formulation process. Plant-based proteins allow for alternatives to animal-derived proteins that differ in amino acid composition, but have high market demand with consumer trends. Other factors to consider are flavor impact, as well as solubility over different pH ranges. Our pea protein isolate, for example, as a PD cast score of 0.66. It's very soluble down to a pH of two and has a clean flavor profile. When marking with high protein, adding in a flavor masker such as our NSF-04 product through our partners at PureCircle helps to enhance the flavor profile and elevate the consumer's drinking experience.

Proper hydration of proteins in your beverage is vital, and we typically allow 20 minutes to ensure that protein is solubilized prior to processing. Once your proteins are hydrated, you can begin the heating process, which will help activate the hydrocolloids and ensure your protein remains in solution for the duration of its shelf life.

Since this is a low sugar formulation, we need the build back the sweetness profile. The Stevia in this formula is a naturally sourced sweetener ingredient that allows for a low sugar formulation, long enhancing sweetness perception. The neutral flora also helps to round out the sweetness profile. However, this ingredient functions primarily as a prebiotic soluble fiber. It promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria and supports gut health. It is 95% fiber on a dry basis and has a low impact on viscosity. It comes in a liquid or powder version.

As you can see with the right ingredient solutions and a bit of Ingredion know-how, you can overcome your formulation challenges to create great tasting sports nutrition beverages with in-demand functionality.

For more videos, and to explore our formulations, please visit our resource library or click on our live chat now for quick answers to your formulation questions. Thanks for watching. See you again soon.

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