Formulating made simple video: On-trend nutritional beverage

Video: Formulating on-trend nutritional beverages


If you're looking to create nutritional beverages that deliver on-trend immunity and health benefits, you've come to the right place. Hello, I'm Rich Stewart, one of the technical service project leads for the sweetener team here at Ingredion. These days, health and wellness trends such as immunity and digestive health are top of mind among consumers. In this formulated made simple video, I'll be showing you how to overcome taste and texture challenges when formulating for reduced sugar beverages with enhanced protein and fiber. It will give you the ability to create the on-trend nutritional beverages your consumers are looking for. Let's get into it.

The first things you need to consider when formulating a health and wellness beverage is obviously what ingredients you want to include and which health issues you want to target. For this beverage, we're including fiber to benefit digestive health and immunity. Fiber has been shown to support a healthy intestinal biome, which in turn supports a healthy immune system. The decision to add fiber brings its own set of choices that need to be made. First, the source of fiber. Fiber can be sourced from many plants and it could be either a soluble or insoluble. Obviously in a beverage application, we're going to be using the soluble source. For this formulation, we're utilizing VERSAFIBE 285, which is a soluble corn fiber.

Each fiber product that you use contains a specific percentage of fiber that needs to be taken into account if you're targeting specific claims. In this case, VERSAFIBE contains 85% fiber. This beverage we're presenting has also been designed to be low sugar. Sugar in beverages provides not only sweetness, but also mouthfeel. So we're going to need to replace this functionality with a low sugar solution. In this case, we chose to use Allulose and Stevia. Both these products are from natural sources, which appeals to the customer who is concerned not only with their overall health, but who would also like to avoid artificial sweeteners.

Allulose provides 70% the sweetness of sugar and also contributes to the body of the beverage. Stevia is a high potency sweetener that is used at 300 parts per million. We added protein in this beverage to increase the appeal even further. When using protein, some important factors to consider are the source of the protein, its PDCAAS score, flavor, as well as stability over different pH ranges. The PDCAAS score will tell you the quality of the protein in comparison to the amino acid composition that our bodies need. The isoelectric point will tell you at what pH the protein will fall out of solution.

The protein we're using, VITESSENCE Pulse 1803, is a protein isolated with a very clean flavor. VITESSENCE Pulse 1803 is very soluble down to a pH of two and has a PDCAAS score of 0.66. These factors give us the ability to formulate a clean tasting beverage in a low pH application. As you can see, with the right ingredient solutions and a bit of Ingredion know-how, you can overcome the formulation challenges to create nutritional beverages with in-demand health and wellness benefits. For more videos and to explore our formulations, please visit our resource library. Or click on our live chat now for quick answers to your formulation questions. Thanks for watching, and see you again soon.

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