Formulating made simple video: Plant-based seafood patty

Video: Plant-based seafood patty


If you're looking to create a plant-based seafood patty with the structure and texture to mimic traditional seafood, you've come to the right place. Hello, I'm Franchon Hayward, Senior Technologist and Technical Service at Ingredion.

Formulating plant-based meat to meet consumer expectations for taste, texture, nutrition, and labeling is not easy. In this Formulating Made Simple video, I'll be showing you how to overcome these challenges in a plant-based seafood patty, so that you can create the in demand plant-based meat alternative your consumers will love. Let's get into it.

The first thing we want to do is hydrate our textured protein. Today, I'm using our VITESSENCE® TEX Crumbles 102 textured protein as a textural foundation to provide chewiness and firmness to our plant-based seafood patty. This non GMO gluten-free product contributes 65% protein on a dry basis, which will help boost the protein content of our patty. Next, I'm going to add my water, give this a little stir, and allow it to hydrate at room temperature for five minutes. As you can see, after hydration, our VITESSENCE® TEX Crumbles 102 textured protein has excellent particle integrity and maintains its shape. These factors are important because they'll help our patty preserve it's firm chewy texture so we don't end up with a mushy plant-based seafood patty.

To give our plant-based seafood patty an extra boost in protein contents, I'm adding our VITESSENCE® Pulse 1803C Pea Protein which contributes 80% protein on a dry basis. It's oil holding capacity will help hold on to the coconut oil that we add to this mixture prior to forming. Next, I'm going to add the remaining of my dry ingredients, which includes yeast extract, salt, seafood seasoning, dehydrated minced onion, dehydrated minced garlic, black pepper, and Ingredion's specialized food system designed to deliver moisture attention and the type of [inaudible 00:02:45] and firmness required for patties during cooking. This specialized starch and gum system is part of our food system solutions for meat alternatives. We used our ingredient knowledge and expertise to take some of the guesswork out of formulating and help you get to market faster.

After cooking, this system, which was designed specifically for plant-based seafood patties, will deliver the proper texture and bite, In goes my lemon juice concentrate, and we'll mix for 30 seconds. Lastly, I'm going to add my coconut oil and mixed for another 30 seconds. Once all the mixing is complete, my plant-based seafood patty mixture can be formed using a patty former or hand-rolled and flattened. If you're preparing these patties to be enjoyed at a later date, the ingredients used in this formulation will help provide cold temperature stability and help preserve the shelf life of the product until you're ready to get cooking.

Now we're going to cook our patty in a non-stick pan over medium low heat, and turn every two minutes until the internal temperature is 165. And here we have it. Our beautiful plant-based seafood patty using VITESSENCE® TEX Crumbles 102 textured protein for a flakey foundation, our food system solution for a tender yet firm patty texture, and VITESSENCE® Pulse 1803C Pea Protein for increased protein content, color development, and emulsification.

As you can see, with the right ingredient solutions and a bit of Ingredion know-how, you can overcome your formulation challenges to create winning plant-based seafood alternatives. For more videos and to explore our formulations, please visit our resource library or click on our live chat now for quick answers to your formulation questions. Thanks for watching and see you again soon.

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