What is the future of protein?

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Consumer demand for sustainable and delicious plant-based food continues to grow, making innovation a must. Ingredion approaches innovation at all levels of the value chain, and we're invested in safe, sustainable sourcing to continue to find the next sources of plant-based protein. This innovation includes the development of new pulse hybrids using traditional non-GMO breeding techniques, the application of cutting edge processing techniques, the employment of state-of-the-art analytical and characterization methods, and the formulation of delicious product prototypes. We do deliver this innovation across various key areas to help you meet consumer demand. Our Ingredion ideal labs are always systematically looking for new and nutritious ingredients that provide or enhance the desired textural characteristics, color, and flavor of plant-based foods. Our proprietary sensory language for protein helps us discover ingredients that provide the right bite for alternative meats, the creaminess for plant-based dairy, the crunchiness for plant-based snacks, and the smoothness for plant-based protein beverages.

Our experts in plant science are also working to discover and develop new plant varieties to deliver inherent functionalities using traditional non-GMO breeding techniques to improve ingredient the performance and cost effectiveness. At all times, we strive to deliver new ingredients that are high in protein while focusing on what's most important, the final consumer experience. Our current plant protein portfolio includes non-GMO isolates, concentrates, flowers and starches from peas, lentils, fava beans, and chickpeas, with more to come. And we do this by innovating across the whole plant protein procurement and manufacturing process to ensure that the highest quality products are produced. Our focus on quality ensures our products support consumers who are avoiding major allergens. And our dedicated logistics and quality teams ensure the products remain affordable while adhering to the highest safety requirements. Our quality-controlled process includes harvesting and transforming raw materials into innovative ingredients, as well as characterizing each batch to ensure specifications are met before distribution.

Our global network and global presence enable us to deliver cost effective high quality products around the world while continuing to meet compliance and consumer trends. We continue to invest in plant and material science, applications research, and process technology to bring you the next generation of plant protein ingredients. Committed to providing plant protein solutions that deliver key performance and functionality benefits such as texture, oil and water holding, emulsification, and solubility, we are here to empower you to deliver delicious on-trend products with in-demand label claims to grow your market share today. With our comprehensive range of solutions, proven expertise, and commitment to plant-based protein, we are finding revolutionary ways to accelerate your growth and futureproof your business. Contact us to learn how we can help you create it what's next.