Make it sweet & simple video: Reduced-sugar blackberry electrolyte beverage

Video: Reducing sugar in a blackberry electrolyte beverage


Want to create reduced sugar, hydrating sports beverages with great taste and no artificial sweeteners? Welcome to another Make It Sweet and Simple video from your sugar addiction experts at Ingredion.

Hi, I'm Taylor May a culinologist here at Ingredion and today I'll be showing you how to use Stevia and Acacia to get sweet results in a blackberry electrolyte beverage.

Sugar-free and no sugar added claims are becoming a standard and an expectation for new product launches in this ready-to-drink sports beverage category. Many products that contain this claim use artificial ingredients like sucralose and Ace K. However, products that utilize the plant-based non artificial Stevia as a sweetener are on the rise and today we'd like to show an example of how you can reduce sugar without artificial sweeteners.

In order to support sugar reduction, there's two things we need to think about. Desired sweetness and building back functionality that sugar typically provides. Here we have our beverage that has already been processed. We blended our dry ingredients with water and added blackberry flavor alongside Kerr's blackberry juice concentrate to get our final product. In this product where utilizing a Stevia system specially designed for use in beverages to balance sweetness with clean taste, as well as cost. This is part of the extensive portfolio with integrated Stevia solutions from PureCircle by Ingredion. Whatever your parameters and requirements, we can find a solution that will give you the optimal value for your sports nutrition beverage.

We're also featuring a hydrocolloid because it can provide that other important element of functional build back that we mentioned earlier. Acacia provides texture and mouthfeel. It doesn't necessarily add a lot of viscosity, but it will add to the [inaudible] profile in terms of body. As you can see, Stevia along with Acacia can deliver the optimal combination of sweetness and functionality to add to your sugar reduction toolkit.

For additional insights and formulating tips for sports, nutrition beverages, checkout our formulating made simple videos in our resource library, or click on our live chat now for quick answers on using Stevia or another one of our sugar addiction solutions such as allulose in your reduced sugar formulations.

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