Sustainability, Ingredion and you

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Demand for plant-based protein is sweeping the food industry, as health conscious consumers seek more sustainable options. Consumers want transparency when it comes to food ingredients, and their environmental impact. At Ingredion, we know that you are working to meet your growing consumer demand, by developing your own sustainability goals. You need a partner whose goals are aligned with yours, to help strengthen your sustainability positioning in the market. Ingredion's All Life plans, supports our purpose to make life better, and outlines our commitment to protect and improve the wellbeing of our employees, customers, and suppliers, as well as agricultural communities, and our planet as a whole. We are excited to support the strong and growing consumer preference for sustainability. With our commitment to sustainably source 100% of our priority crops by 2025. That's approximately 99% of Ingredion's global crop purchases. These priority crops include corn, tapioca, potato, stevia, and peas, which are core to the plant protein business.

Let's take a look at why pulses like peas, lentils, fava beans, and chickpeas, are earth friendly. One reason among many, is that pulses need less nitrogen fertilizers, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution. Pulses are also some of the most water efficient foods grown, requiring only 43 gallons of water per pound of crop, versus 1,859 gallons for beef. And, it to takes 4-7 times less energy, to produce one pound of pulse protein, than one pound of animal protein. Reducing the distance ingredients travel, is also important to consumers. That's why experts at our plant-based protein facilities, source local raw materials, typically no more than a few hundred miles away. We are proud to say, that Ingredion's commitment to sustainable, and local sourcing of plant-based proteins, and other ingredients, also supports regional farmers and non-GMO agriculture, while reducing the impact on the environment. Create sustainable products to meet consumer demand, as well as exceed your all important sustainability goals, by working with our environmentally friendly ingredients.

Our VITESSENCE Pulse proteins, PURITY P starches, HOMECRAFT Pulse flours, and HOMECRAFT Quinoa flours, support front-of-pack sustainability claims on your products. While also supporting the strong consumer demand, for products that not only taste good, but are also good for the planet. Our continuously growing portfolio, expertise, and investment in the future of plant protein, mean you have a go-to partner to drive your growth for years to come. We look forward to partnering with you, to elevate your sustainability message, and achieve your goals. Contact us, to learn how we can help you, create what's next.