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Consumers are more demanding than ever, so getting to market with the perfect coating system that provides the right texture, appearance and eating quality at the right price is key. Consumers need for convenience and the rise in high quality food service products push those demands further.

Combining different ingredients can take your product to a whole new dimension. Coating systems are complex and there are many challenges facing coating manufacturers including adhesion, shelf life, heat lamp stability, consumer re-constitution considerations and nutritional requirements.

Ingredion produces a wide range of speciality starch and flour-based ingredients which can be used to produce exciting and delicious coating systems. Each ingredient plays a unique and complementary role to deliver the perfect texture. From adhesion starches for use in pre-dusts or dip batters through to clear coats for fries, tempura style batters to traditional fish batters.

Overcome your formulation challenges with Ingredion

Ingredion combines science-based problem solving expertise with an extensive range of innovative ingredient solutions to help manufacturers in the batters and breadings sector overcome the most critical formulation challenges.

  • Achieve a uniform coating and control/eliminate batter “blow-off” whilst reducing losses and achieving the optimal adhesion of breading’s to enhance the appearance
  • Control moisture through the frying process to achieve the perfect texture
  • Create an improved appearance with uniform coating that is crunchy on the outside and succulent on the inside
  • Achieve a superior texture with an appealing golden colouring whilst increasing shelf-life, ideal for fried and oven baked goods
  • Add valuable nutritional values to your products whilst increasing consumer appeal through a delicious golden appearance
  • Maintain the suspension of your ingredients within the batter system throughout the production process

Create innovative batters and breadings products consumers want

Whatever your goals, find the expertise and ingredients you need to deliver great-tasting, on-trend batters and breadings alternative products while optimising costs.



Moving from modified to clean-label starches can be challenging for some customers who want highly process-tolerant starches that can withstand harsh frying conditions.

Ingredient solutions:

Our Novation range of functional native starches contains products that can match modified starches with enhanced process tolerance. These products are based on a range of different base materials to fit the needs of different applications, whether this needs to be potato NOVATION® 6600, maize, NOVATION ENDURA® 0100 or tapioca NOVATION® 3300

Gluten Free


Removing gluten can result in formulation challenges relating specifically to the texture and eating experience of breaded and battered products. 

Ingredient solutions:

Manufacturers can create gluten-free products with the right gluten-free ingredients that have no impact on taste or texture. HOMECRAFT® Pulse 3105 can help replace wheat flour, managing the batter viscosity, providing a unique crispy texture, and deliver colour to the batter.



Preventing shelling or pillowing of a coating from a substrate.

Ingredient solutions:

By adding a predust or adhesion starch to yuor batter, this will help bind water in the substrate and stop the coating from blowing off. Ingredion solutions include: BATTER BIND® S based on maize & NOVATION® Uno 190, potato starch

Texture Differentiation


Meeting consumer needs for uniform products and delivering both crispy and crunchy textures in coatings applications without losing this key texture through delivery or oven reconstitution at home. 

Ingredient solutions:

Our batters and breading’s portfolio of starches allows coating manufacturers to develop products with unique sensory appeal by shaping the texture to meet consumer preference around crispiness, firmness, and taste. Try HYLON® VII for flat, crunchy textures or CRYSTAL TEX™ 644 to help create crispy open textures. 

Deep dive into our different coating systems

Find out more about the different coating systems within Batters and Breadings.

Clear Coats

Clear Coats

Substrates : Fish and fries 

Clear coat batters are typically applied to potatoes when making fries. With the help of Ingredion’s speciality starches this thin, smooth and invisible batter will help enhance crispiness, increase tenderness and help ensure robustness of the texture to hold time.

Ingredion solutions include HYLON® VII, CRISP FILM™ and FLOJEL® 60

Batters and Breading

Batters and Breading

Substrates : Chicken and fish 

Standard batter and breader solutions need both a crispy and crunchy texture whilst having an appealing golden colouring. N-DULGE® 1100 helps manipulate the appearance and eating quality delivering a crispness to the coating.



Substrates : Chicken, fish and vegetables

Tempura Batters aim to be crispy and open while having a light texture.

Ingredion’s CRYSTAL TEX range of dextrin’s can help achieve this crispy open texture. If you would prefer a clean label alternative, NOVATION® Indulge 3920 behaves similarly to that of a dextrin. 


Clean Label Ingredient Solutions 

NOVATION® Uno 190 - Clean Label

NOVATION® Uno 190 starch is a functional native potato starch, bridging the gap between native potato starch and modified starch in functionality and cost impact. This product can help with adhesion of coatings to the substrate and can deliver on egg replacement if used in pre-dust. It is perfect for coating chicken.


NOVATION® Indulge 3920 - Clean Label

NOVATION® Indulge 3920, is Ingredion’s solution to a clean label dextrin. Based on tapioca, this product can give good film forming with a similar behaviour to that of a dextrin, which can give a slightly blistered through to a smooth appearance depending on the dosage used. As this product can perform like a dextrin, it can give much lighter batters, therefore works well for fish applications.


HYLON® VII - Clean Label

HYLON® VII is a clean label, high amylose maize starch, therefore has great film forming properties. Helping to deliver a smooth, crunchy texture that is ideal for clear coating applications. Due to its film forming properties in also helps with improving heat lamp stability and enhances crispiness through delivery. 


Purity Alpha 865 - Clean label

Purity Alpha 865 is a native, instant waxy rice starch that can be used as a suspension aid in a batter mix to help suspend dry particulates into water during recirculation. This can therefore be used to replace modified starches and hydrocolloids.

NOVATION® Indulge 2940 - Clean Label

NOVATION® Indulge 2940 can be combined with either modified and/or clean label starches for improved crispiness and extending hold time with minimal tooth packing.​

Simplified label with single “corn starch” ingredient, therefore can be used alongside other corn solutions HYLON® VII.

What else do we have to offer?


This is a modified maize starch used for adhesion. This starch is used as either a pre-dust or in the batter system itself to interact at the interface between a protein substrate and batter system. This prevents any shelling or pillowing of a coating from a substrate.


Modified tapioca starch that is highly cross linked in order to withstand the high frying temperatures of  coated products to give strength and robustness to the batter system. This starch would replace part or all of the traditional flour that is used in a coating system to give a more reproducible and robust product.

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