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People are passionate about their beers and alcoholic beverages. They want them to have the same recognizable characteristics in each drinking experience. You can deliver just that with our fermentable carbohydrates. They are easily digested by yeast in fermentations, which controls your costs and maintains consistency from batch to batch. And you can select non-GMO ingredients for your brews, including fermentable carbohydrates, from simple sugars and maltose to other, more complex carbohydrate profiles—to help your beverage reach optimal alcoholic levels. Make your beers and alcoholic beverages refreshing and reliable with Ingredion.


Create crisper flavors and lighter beers with our wide array of adjuncts. You can also increase productivity and adjust body in lager beers without the hurdle of buying, storing, preparing and cooking your own adjunct. Our fermentable carbohydrates avoid the use of additional tanks in the brewing process by enabling high-gravity brewing. And convenient powder formats provide flexibility, which is ideal for small breweries.

Fermented beverages

Boost alcoholic content in malt beverages and other fermented beverages while keeping costs under control. Try our liquid and crystalline dextrose to provide a reliable and consistent source of fermentable sugars. Or choose one of our other simple sugar syrups that are rapidly converted into alcohol by yeast and are easy to handle and use in the process. Enhance mouthfeel and maintain uniformity over time with a wide array of beverage texturizers and suspension agents, and get just-right sweetness with our complete sweetener portfolio.


Enhance the appeal of your cocktails to sugar-conscious consumers by removing sugar while maintaining a sweet touch in your alcoholic cocktails and cocktail mixes using PureCircle™ by Ingredion stevia sweeteners.

Flavored spirits

Flavored spirits are hot these days and consumers are thirsty for new and original flavors that enhance their drinking experiences. When you want clear flavored spirits, Q-NATURALE® emulsifier is your best option for a natural emulsifier for crystalline and stable color and for flavor applications in alcoholic beverages.

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