ENLITEN® Fusion stevia sweeteners

Balance cost, reduce sugar and deliver better taste

How can you optimize the costs of reducing sugar, while delivering even better taste? ENLITEN® Fusion stevia sweeteners provide the answer — with a suite of stevia systems tailored to provide sugar-like taste at target usage levels. With 200 to 300 times more sweeness than sugar with zero calories, ENLITEN® Fusion stevia sweeteners can help you achieve your ambitious sugar reduction goals — without compromising the great taste consumers expect.

Target your sugar reduction goals

Start with your desired target sweetness equivalent to find the ENLITEN® Fusion stevia sweetener that fits your needs. Because each solution is tailored for optimal performance, you can find the right solution for any amount of sugar reduction that fits your budget.

Target sweetness equivalence Recommended stevia sweetener Parts per million (ppm)/ % of formulation % Sugar reduction

8 TO 10 SE

ENLITEN® Fusion 9200

600 ppm/.060%

up to 100%

6 TO 8 SE

ENLITEN® Fusion 7200

450 ppm/.045%

up to 85%

4 TO 6 SE

ENLITEN® Fusion 6400

ENLITEN® Fusion 5600


up to 70%

0 TO 4 SE


(97, 95, 80, 60, 50)


Up to 50%

Delivering just-right sweetness intensity and sensory profile

ENLITEN® Fusion stevia sweeteners provide a range of sweetness equivalencies to achieve just the level of sugar reduction you want. And because each sweetener has been developed by combining the best attributes of various steviol glycosides, you can better meet consumer taste, calorie and sweetness expectations in a wide range of applications beyond beverages.

Below, sensory mapping shows that ENLITEN® Fusion stevia sweeteners are close to sucrose in flavor profile, and contain significantly less bitterness and aftertaste than traditional Reb A stevia sweeteners and sugar substitutes.

ENLITEN Fusion 9200 stevia sweetener

Scale of Evaluation:  0 to 15
Samples evaluated in water at 600ppm and ~70ºF
Source: Ingredion Global Sensory Team, Trained Panel

ENLITEN FUSION 6400 stevia Sweetener

Scale of Evaluation:  0 to 15
Samples evaluated in water at 300ppm and ~70ºF
Source: Ingredion Global Sensory Team, Trained Pane