Gums and hydrocolloids

Deliver enhanced texture and stability

Reliable gums for great products

Formulating consumer-winning foods and beverages is a delicate science. Not only do products have to leave a lasting impression on consumers, but they must also appeal in other ways to compete on the shelves.

Our hydrocolloids are designed around your needs — so you can make your formulation goals a reality. Hydrocolloids are among the most versatile and utilized ingredients available to the food and beverage industry. They present a unique opportunity to improve texture and add functionality while helping you to reduce ingredients and achieve cost savings.

Everything you need to help you accelerate your growth. Offer consumers signature textures and mouthfeel with the label-friendly ingredients they prefer. Add indulgent mouthfeel, build viscosity, enhance texture and increase stability with our full line of conventional and naturally derived gums — made from natural sources like seeds, trees and seaweed. 

With our broad portfolio of in-demand ingredients and tested expertise, you can support consumer-preferred label claims like “gluten-free,” “non-GMO,” “organic” and “kosher.” Whatever your formulation goals, our teams of technical and market experts are on the ground and ready to help you optimize consumer appeal, functionality and cost-savings.  

We can help you solve your texture and stability challenges:

  • Improve mouthfeel and body
  • Prevent syneresis
  • improve freeze/thaw stability
  • Deliver superior emulsification
  • Increase viscosity
  • Achieve ideal particulate suspention
  • And more

A handy reference to hydrocolloids

The functional characteristics of gums vary greatly--some form gels, while others maintain a low viscosity; some are tolerant to low pH while others are not. To better help formulators understand the world of hydrocolloids, we created the Common Gums Chart. In this comprehensive guide, we brought together the essential details of the hydrocolloids we offer, including the functionality, source, label claims and more.

View the common gums chart

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