Modified starches

Unmatched functionality. Based in nature.

When food scientists discovered how to modify starch — to thicken pie fillings and keep canned soups hearty — they knew they were onto something big. Modified starches opened the door to a whole new world of food possibilities that persists today, with busy families seeking convenient, great-tasting meals and snacks — on the table or on the go. 

Ingredion’s modified starches are naturally derived and enhanced to deliver exceptional functionality across all of your food applications. With our broad portfolio of in-demand ingredients and formulation expertise, you can make weekday dinners more memorable. Create a frozen, family-sized lasagna or a crunchy, fresh-tasting Asian meal for one. Add a velvety mouthfeel or a glossy sheen, while maintaining freeze-thaw stability. 

Classified as a food additive, modified starches are assigned an E number to indicate the chemical modification applied to the starch. The two main types of chemical modification that Ingredion uses — cross-linking and stabilization — provide manufacturers with numerous benefits:

  • Improved process tolerance to heat, acid and shear
  • Long shelf life stability and improved mouthfeel
  • Cold-water thickening and texturizing
  • Reduced hot viscosity and good gel strength
  • Film forming, gloss or crunchy texture
  • Freeze/thaw stability, allowing manufacturers to produce in advance or store products for longer without compromising the eating experience

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