Potato starches

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Non-GMO potato starches that offer the functionality, clean taste and texture consumers demand

Innovate faster and better than ever with potato starches from Ingredion. Create great-tasting, non-GMO, gluten-free foods that push past the expected. Control melt and stretch of analog cheese while increasing your cost savings. Improve the crunch of your French fries, save on recipe costs in processed meats or create a standout snack texture with the versatility of potato starches.

Whatever your application, potato starches are an ideal solution for making your food and beverage products stand out on the shelves. Potato starches are a highly versatile ingredient with a neutral taste, high clarity, strong gelling quality and high water-retention capacity. They can also enhance appearance, mouthfeel, texture and more.

Benefit from the global reach and local knowledge of Ingredion. With our deep formulation expertise and broad range of in-demand potato texturizers, we can bring the knowhow you need to deliver on-trend products that consumers demand. Our local, reliable supply of potato and other starches enable you to future-proof your business. And our high-performance potato starches complement a wide portfolio of starches from other plant-based sources — to ensure you have all the functionality you need to win your market. 

Find an edge in key applications

With Ingredion you have starches from potato and other major plant sources to differentiate your products, including:

  • A broad portfolio of in-demand clean label and non-GMO native potato starches (PENPURE® starches)
  • A wide range of non-GMO modified potato starches
  • Differentiated technologies for:
  • Batters and coatings — for high-quality, crispy products (PENNOVO® technology plus a broad range of corn-, rice- and tapioca-based products)
  • Gluten-free baking — with the appeal of products that contain gluten, using a comprehensive, combined gluten-free systems and blends toolbox (PENTECH® systems with PRECISA® Bake GF texture system and range of other corn-, rice-, tapioca-based solutions)
  • Processed and imitation cheese — for both quality enhancement and cost optimization (PENNOVO® MD maltodextrin, PENTECH® 8500 casein replacement or PENPURE® 10 system as anti-caking starches for shredded cheese; GEL ‘N’ MELT® starch and PRECISA® starch series)

Pick potato for a wide range of functionality

Differentiate your products with great taste, texture and nutrition. Choose potato starches for:

  • Replacing egg to save money and retain or enhance quality in bakery (moistness, crumb) and savory (viscosity, appearance)
  • Reducing fat and calories in bakery
  • Replacing phosphates, retaining juiciness and firm textures in meats, and replacing fats in ground meats
  • Enriching fiber and reducing calories in bakery, snacks and cereals with a potato-based resistant starch supplementing Ingredion’s broad fiber portfolio
  • Replacing gelatin to enhance cost savings, improve appearance, and achieve kosher and halal certification in confectionery
  • Developing grain-free pet food solutions for premium products
  • Enhancing snack texture for excellent expansion and crispiness
  • Creating noodles with elastic texture and quick hydration

Get new claims and functionalities


  • Non-GMO, clean label (native potato starches) and modified potato starches
  • Gluten-free at the source


Functionality complementary to other starches

  • Superior gelling properties with greater elasticity and clean meltaway
  • Excellent water-holding capacity of large starch granules, allowing for higher viscosity
  • Home-style textures for high-quality, on-trend finished foods 
  • High viscosity development for energy savings and product quality

Additional functionalities

  • Low protein and fat lipid content with no impact on flavor in the formulation
  • A clear, transparent color for clear-coat fries, fruit preparations, and some soups and sauces

Benefit from global reach and local knowledge 

Ingredion is the largest supplier of USA-made specialty potato starches for food applications

  • Tap into our potato knowhow and legacy Penford and Western Polymer expertise
  • Five potato plants in the U.S. (Midwest and West) 
  • A global reach of over 120 countries
  • A good sustainability story — repurposing potato trimmings as raw materials

Here are just a few of our potato innovations

Application Ingredient Description

Dressings, fillings

Creates indulgent mouthfeel, thick texture and creaminess while reducing fat


Replaces phosphates and improving yield while retaining juiciness and firm textures

Bread, pancakes, waffles, RTE cereal, muffins, tortillas and pasta

Add low-FODMAP certified fiber,* reduce calories and net carbohydrates

Tomato solids reduction

Provides excellent viscosity and pulpy texture, process-tolerance and highly stable


Creates elastic texture, plus quick hydration

Let’s make your goals a reality

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*Only products that have formally applied to Monash University’s Low FODMAP certification program may claim to be Monash Low FODMAP Certified. The application process to Monash University includes undergoing lab analysis to confirm FODMAP compliance. Monash University Low FODMAP Certified Trademarks are used under license in the United States by Ingredion Incorporated.

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