Eating and drinking experience

Create products that have consumer-preferred taste, texture and sensory appeal

From the first sip of a protein shake to the satisfying crunch of a lunchtime snack, drinking and eating experiences go beyond basic nourishment and reflect personal preferences and cultural traditions. So, how can you deliver the taste, texture and sensory attributes that your consumers crave?

At Ingredion, our expert application, sensory and insights teams work together to bring your vision to life. Our formulation know-how and vast knowledge of regional trends paired with our broad portfolio of texturizing solutions enable you to surprise and excite consumers with new and unique textures that will push past the expected.

Whether you’re formulating for pillowy baked goods and crispy snacks, beverages with emulsion stability or particulate suspension, indulgent plant-based yogurt with exceptional mouthfeel and cut or frozen desserts that withstand ice crystallization, we can help you discover the right ANDs for your application.

Let’s collaborate. Explore our resource library or contact us to learn how we can help you enhance appeal, deliver consumer satisfaction and accelerate growth for your brand.

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Eating and drinking experience

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