Accelerating plant-based market growth requires satisfying consumers’ evolving tastes

Consumers following specific diets — such as vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian, etc. — aren’t the only ones choosing plant-based proteins. In fact, the market is much larger. 70% of global consumers seek out products with good sources of plant proteins. However, more important than simply meeting their dietary needs, the taste and texture of products made with plant-based proteins must be right. 

That’s where Ingredion comes in. Our innovation experts focus on formulations that produce the sensory eating experiences consumers want. Take a closer look in this webinar.

Video: Accelerating plant-based market

Delivering the eating experience consumers love AND the benefits they find increasingly important can become less complicated when you partner with Ingredion. In this webinar, hear from Ingredion experts about:  

  • Global consumers’ willingness to pay more for products with plant-based ingredients 

  • How sensory science can help you optimize the taste and texture of your plant-based products 

  • Solving key formulation challenges with Ingredion’s portfolio of sustainable plant-based proteins 

Find out more about our innovations in plant-based proteins, including our award-winning ultra-performance line of plant protein concentrates and flours.  


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