Algorithm for Success: Healthy, Crispy & Delicious

Today’s consumer expects more from food and beverage manufacturers. Of course, products must be delicious — and the texture has to hit the mark — but beyond that, consumers seek products that meet their specific dietary needs or more closely align with causes they feel strongly about, such as ethical and sustainable farming practices. Consumers make these meal-specific choices based on highly individualized parameters, and the list of features they want seems to be growing. 

Our knowledge of the global food industry ensures the ideas we co-create meet consumer demands and are actionable, viable solutions for our customers that maximize deliciousness AND account for the multitude of factors consumers want AND the manufacturing attributes our customers need.

Hear from some of our top industry experts to find out how Ingredion can help your company Own the AND℠.

Video: Algorithm for Success: Healthy, Crispy & Delicious

At Ingredion, we leverage our cross-functional expertise to help our customers navigate formulation complexities quickly and deliver winning outcomes that can increase market share and drive brand loyalty. In this webinar, our panel discusses: 

  • How Ingredion identifies the right “ands” for our customers and enables them to deliver the most impactful “ands” for their consumers

  • Ways in which food and beverage manufacturers can increase value in their product offerings

  • Our sustainability work and its relationship with our partners’ key initiatives

Give your food and beverages the value-added boost they need to increase market appeal and Own the ANDSM.

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