Make it sweet and simple video: Reduced-sugar sweet chili lime dipping sauce

Video: Reduced-sugar chili lime dipping sauce


Want to create better- for -you condiments with great taste in and mouth feel? Welcome to another Make it sweet and simple video from your sugar reduction experts at Ingredion.

Hi, I'm Taylor May, a Culinologist here at Ingredion and today I'll be showing you how to use our sugar reduction tools to get sweet results in your reduced-sugar, sweet chili lime dipping sauce. According to Innova Market Insights, chili remains the most popular flavor choice, both in hot sauces, as well as a spicy flavor note. This particular dipping sauce was inspired by a Thai sweet chili sauce that pairs really nicely with spring rolls, as well as other appetizers.

Typically, these types of sauces on the market can have quite a bit of added sugar. Because sugar-free and no added sugar were among the fastest growing claims for new product launches in the table sauces category from 2015 to 2019, we wanted to show you what tools can help you to achieve this sauce prototype with zero gram added sugar per 15 gram serving size.

In order to support sugar reduction, there are two things we need to think about; desired sweetness, as well as building back that functionality that sugar usually provides. So let's go ahead and get started. First, we'll take our dry ingredients, which include our NOVATION PRIMA 600 corn starch, Action Gum 1144, NUTRAFLORA prebiotic soluble fiber, as well as Stevia RebA. We'll then create a slurry by adding water and set that aside.

In order to achieve the desired sweetness, we're featuring a breakthrough Stevia ingredient, RebA. Stevia RebA provides clean sweetness and is part of the extensive portfolio of integrated Stevia solutions from PureCircle by Ingredion.
Whatever your parameters and requirements, we can find a solution that will give you the optimal sugar reduction for your condiments and sauces. So we'll set our slurry aside and next I'll heat up a pan with some vegetable oil and saute our garlic and ginger, just until the garlic is soft. We don't want to wait too long otherwise the garlic would turn brown and contribute an off flavor.

I'll go ahead and deglaze the pan with lime juice and rice vinegar and then we'll add some water along with two other ingredients, which provide that important element of function built back that was mentioned earlier. So add our water. So we'll go ahead and add our allulose as well as our glucose syrup called VERSASWEET 1721. For this particular application, we recommend using allulose at a 5% usage rate. Allulose is great because it helps improve the texture by building back the viscosity and improving the mouthfeel of the sauce.

It also contributes almost no calories, just 0.4 kilocalories per gram, and it doesn't count towards total in added sugars. VERSASWEET 1721 is also added and it's a low sugar glucose syrup, especially designed to provide lower levels of added sugars, labels, but similarity and viscosity and handling to a 42 DE syrup. Lastly, we'll go ahead and add our remaining ingredients, including our starch slurry and we'll cook this for about five minutes, allowing it to get up to the proper temperature. As you can see, Stevia, allulose, and VERSASWEET deliver the optimal combination of sweetness and functionality to add to your sugar reduction toolkit.

For additional insights and formulating tips for better-for-you savory condiments, check out our formulating made simple videos in our resource library, or click on our live chat now for quick answers on reducing sugar in your formulations.

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