Meat, seafood & poultry

Get the most out of your meat, seafood, and poultry products

Drive a new way forward in your meat, seafood or poultry application

Looking for that “just right” texture for a breaded chicken, fish or veggie? Trying to formulate a non-GMO, gluten-free version to duplicate the texture of a wheat-flour-based coating system? Breadings, batters and coatings add a whole new dimension to foods by adding texture, flavor and appearance—and yours needs to be delicious.

You want to deliver the meat products that consumers love and solve the challenges of creating them — plus get all the functional, performance and labeling benefits that will make your products stand out. You don’t have to compromise — and neither do consumers. 

We can help you solve in these application categories:

  • Injection/tumbled marinades
  • Emulsified and meat analogues
  • Chopped and formed meat
  • Plant-based meat

When you work with us, you can replace fat, improve yield, simplify your label, enhance texture, manage moisture, and improve cold temperature stability and shelf life in your processed meat, poultry, fish and alternative meat products. Explore our broad range of starches, pulse proteins and flours, and hydrocolloid-based solutions to address these needs while providing tender, juicy and delicious meat and alternative meat products.

Work with us to:

  • Replace fat to improve nutritional value
  • Simplify your label by removing unwanted ingredients
  • Increase yield, manage moisture and enhance texture
  • Improve cold temperature stability and shelf life
  • Create an eating experience and texture that satisfies


Get more yield, simpler labels and functional benefits for meat products consumers love.

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Plant-based meat

Address consumer demand for plant-based alternative meats and meet the growing need for non-GMO and soy-free products. Deliver meat-like texture and nutritional benefits with our broad portfolio of differentiated, plant-based protein products.

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Potato starches

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Functional native starches

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Plant-based proteins

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