FIBERTEX CF citrus fibers

Create more sustainable value with less

Made from upcycled ingredients, FIBERTEX CF citrus fibers enable you to develop cleaner, more cost-efficient products with consumer-preferred labels. Whether you’re formulating in bakery and snacks, or dressings, sauces or processed meats, our FIBERTEX CF citrus fibers maximize the functionality that nature provides to drive sustainable value.

  • Clean and simple ingredients: Addressing the clean label trend of shorter lists of acceptable food ingredients
  • Upcycling ingredients: Using more of what food produces
  • Inherent functionality: Maximizing the functionality that nature provides

Add texture with a cleaner label: FIBERTEX CF citrus fibers

FIBERTEX CF 102 and 502 citrus fibers are ideal for a range of applications, including cookies, muffins, cakes, soft-baked bars, dressings, table sauces and processed meats. The fibers have excellent water holding capacity and retention, require no heat activation and are highly process-resistant.

  • Improves texture
  • Replaces fat
  • Provides cost-in-use benefits1
  • Replaces non-consumer-preferred ingredients2

Reasons to believe in FIBERTEX CF citrus fibers

FIBERTEX™ CF 102 citrus fiber FIBERTEX™ CF 502 citrus fiber

  • Water-holding capacity: min. 6 grams H2O/1 gram fiber
  • No heat activation needed
  • Highly process-resistant (temp., pH and shear)
  • Shear activation recommended
  • Amylase stable
  • Cost-in-use
  • Recommended applications: Bakery, cookies, muffins, cakes, soft-baked bars
  • Usage level (max.): 0.1 - 0.8%
  • Nutrition: 0% sugar, 1.4% carbohydrates, +90% dietary fiber
  • Particle size: 80% <75 microns

  • Water-holding capacity: min. 8 grams H2O/1 gram fiber
  • No heat activation needed
  • Highly process-resistant (temp., pH and shear)
  • Shear activation recommended
  • Amylase stable
  • Cost-in-use
  • Recommended applications: Dressings, table sauces, processed meat
  • Usage level (max.): 1% - 2.0%
  • Nutrition: 0% sugar, 1.4% carbohydrates, +90% dietary fiber
  • Particle size: 90% <200 microns

FIBERTEX™ CF citrus fibers

Expanding our formulation support and delivering clean label with dietary fibers and multiple benefits.

Bakery and snacks

Bakery and snacks

FIBERTEX CF citrus fibers complement bakery trends in clean label and improved nutrition as well as satisfy a constant need for quality textures. Improving the nutritional profile of any bakery product, and with its inherent technological function, it can improve softness, maintain texture longer and reduce fat. 

Dips, sauces and dressings

Dips, sauces and dressings

FIBERTEX CF 502 citrus fibers elevate low-fat spoonable dressings to the next level by supporting a clean label, providing a texture match to high-oil control, and by reducing costs compared to functional native starches through synergistic effects.

Plant-based meats

Plant-based meats

FIBERTEX CF citrus fibers can be used in meat alternatives to incorporate and retain moisture, and to improve cook yields. The juiciness and slightly softer texture specifically make FIBERTEX CF citrus fibers interesting for tumbled and marinated chicken meat products and chicken-like textured alternatives. 



FIBERTEX CF citrus fibers support meat producers in replacing undesirable ingredients, specifically in poultry and ground meat by providing a unique softness versus existing starch solutions when applied directly to the meat substrate or inside the marinades. 

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Front- and back-of-pack claims

  • Fruit-based/100% fruit
  • Gluten-free from the source
  • No additives/preservatives
  • Nutrition minus (e.g., reduced fat)
  • Non-GMO
  • High in dietary fiber (>90%) (U.S. only)*

*FIBERTEX™ CF citrus fibers are not approved as a dietary fiber in Canada. Likely requires additional fiber sources to enable “high in fiber” claims with best texture results.

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1 Cost savings in internal application work based on up-to-date pricing as of late 2022

2 Based on internal applications work and ingredient ratings from ATLAS Ingredion Proprietary Consumer Insights, 2020

3 Innova Ingredient Genius, Citrus Fiber, U.S. and Canada, 2019-2022

4 ATLAS, Global Consumer Insights Program, 2021