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Protein is top of mind for consumers seeking health benefits from their food and beverages. Aside from their nutritional benefits, proteins contribute to fullness, satiety and can add body to a wide range of applications — from spoonable dressings to snack bars and more. 

As demand for plant protein reaches new heights in the food and beverage industry, you've got to move quickly to meet your formulation standards as well as the demands of consumers. Ingredion’s cost-optimized, plant-based solutions and tested experience can help you support the “vegan” and “gluten-free” label claims consumers prefer — while helping you get your plant-based products to market faster. Create clean-label, on-trend products that will keep consumers — and profits — healthy.

Pulse proteins — a force of nature

The future of protein is plant-based, and pulses are leading the way. These nutritional wonders are rich in protein and fiber, free of GMOs and low in allergenicity. They can also enable clean labels and consumer-preferred claims that differentiate your products and strengthen their appeal — especially for consumers moving away from soy and wheat protein. 

That’s why we've invested heavily in next-level operations and supply chain technology for safe, sustainable plant protein sourcing and processing. By ensuring consistent quality and reliable performance, we're making pulse flours and proteins easy to work with — so you can deliver products that score high in consumer-preferred taste, texture and appearance. 

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With the introduction of the new pea protein facility in South Sioux City, Nebraska, Ingredion is now the only manufacturer in North America to offer a broad portfolio of "produced in the U.S. and Canada" plant protein isolate, concentrate, flour and starch products.

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Plant protein isolates — 80 to 85% protein*

Boost consumer appeal with our highest levels of protein. VITESSENCE® pea protein isolates offer our highest levels of protein to enable “excellent source of protein” claims.

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Plant protein concentrates — 55 to 60% protein*

Deliver in-demand plant protein plus fiber and micronutrients from lentil, pea and faba bean. VITESSENCE® plant-based protein concentrates deliver balanced nutrition with fiber and micronutrients along with in-demand protein.


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Pulse flours — 10 to 20% protein*

Bake in a natural advantage with clean label, gluten-free solutions from lentil, pea, chickpea and faba bean. HOMECRAFT® Pulse flours are the clean label, gluten-free replacements for other flours and starches.


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Quinoa flours — 10 to 15% protein*

Add superfood benefits for enriched and gluten-free foods. Produced and milled in North America, HOMECRAFT® Quinoa flours provide complete protein nutrition that is a good source of fiber and naturally gluten-free with a low glycemic index.


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Drive a new way forward in the future of plant protein

Dare to get ahead of trends and take plant-based foods past the next horizon. The opportunity is there:1

  • 85% of consumers have changed their eating habits due to COVID-19
  • 30% report eating more protein from plant sources
  • A quarter (24%) of consumers report eating more plant-based dairy since the start of COVID-19
  • 1 in 5 (18%) consumers report eating more plant alternatives to animal meat since the start of COVID-19

When you partner with Ingredion, the future of sustainably sourced, nutritious, plant-based protein is yours to explore. Our broad portfolio of in-demand ingredients offers a selection of isolates, concentrates and protein-rich flours — all made exclusively from non-wheat and non-soy-based ingredients like peas, lentils, faba beans, chickpeas and more. Let Ingredion’s formulation expertise and dedicated alternative-meat and alternative-dairy centers of excellence help you discover revolutionary ways to accelerate your growth and stay ahead of what’s next.

Which plant proteins bring more to the table?

Discover what’s inside the growth of plant-based proteins. Get the research brief.

Plant-based dairy and plant-based meat

Achieve just-right textures, taste and nutritional profiles in your meat alternatives and plant-based cheese, yogurt and desserts.

Baked goods and snacks

Get exactly the desired level of protein and functionality in enriched baked goods and mixes, and create differentiated vegan snacks that explore new areas beyond wheat and rice.


Balance the body and mouthfeel of your RTD beverages with a shorter ingredient list. Create mixes that shake up fast and offer a protein punch consumers will crave.

Pet food

Enrich the protein and keep a clean label to attract pet owners looking for premium products.

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*on a dry basis

Source: 1. International Food Information Council (IFIC) 2020 Food and Health Survey, June 2020

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