Tapioca starches

Exceptional performance in nature with tapioca.

Tapioca starches provide consumers with the food and beverage benefits they demand.

Extracted from the roots of the cassava plant – a tuber native to Brazil and a global food staple – Ingredion’s tapioca starches are non-GMO, grain- and gluten-free, and can meet kosher, halal and vegan requirements.

Tapioca starch adds viscosity and texture, resulting in an enhanced mouthfeel in a variety of applications. These cost-effective, easy-to-use, tapioca starches are process tolerant to heat, acid and shear, provide long shelf life and freeze/thaw stability. From dairy and dressings to baked goods, ready meals and snacks, tapioca delivers a sensory experience your customers will love.

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How Ingredion’s tapioca ingredients are different

Ingredion, a leading supplier of functional native and modified starches and the largest supplier of waxy tapioca starch, has pushed the boundaries of tapioca, from process improvements to ingredient innovation. In fact, the company was first to develop and commercialize multi-functional tapioca flours.

Tapioca is a core ingredient within Ingredion’s 2030 All Life plan, which aims to sustainably source 100% of its Tier 1 crops by 2025. To support this goal, the company manages the entire supply chain from farm to customer, and its agribusiness team has been working with farmers partners in Brazil and Thailand to improve their quality and productivity through its Model Farmer Program. The team has also provided ongoing trainings and developed a mobile app for the estimated 12,000 grower partners and distributors to share agricultural practices and enable monitoring. Recently, Ingredion has extended its sustainable practices using Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) platform’s tool, farm security assessments (FSA), good agricultural practices (GAP) and good labor practices (GLP) aligned to SAI practices to support biodiversity.

Ingredion’s continued progress in its expansion provides manufacturers with a consistent, reliable supply with traceability and sustainable business practices that are second to none.

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