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Achieve high quality gluten-free baked goods

PRECISA® Bake GF is a highly functional gluten-free texturising system which allows manufacturers to create high quality baked goods. It can be used as the main component in recipes to replace wheat flour whilst maintaining the product's structure. PRECISA®Bake GF enables manufacturers to eliminate the need for multiple components by replacing them with one bulk ingredient system. This helps reduce raw material sourcing, storing and handling complexity.

This highly functional gluten-free texturising system consists of components, perfectly balanced to enable manufacturers to optimise the texture of their products. Ideal for manufacturers looking to create soft and resilient gluten-free baked goods such as sandwich breads, buns, muffins and cakes.

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Clean label 

Consumer friendly ingredients

Nutrition plus 

Increase the nutritional profile of your products

Digestive health 

Increase health and wellness

Nutrition minus 

Remove ingredients to improve your products

Reduce sugar 

Make your products more attractive with consumers


Extend the shelf life of your products

Eating and drinking experience 

Create stand out products

Clinical and infant nutrition 

Creating safe and healthy products

Recipe savings 

Building back texture when taking out cost

Gluten free 

Create superior gluten free products

Reduce manufacturing costs 

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Develop Products without allergens

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Better tasting sugar reduction

ENLITEN® Fusion stevia sweetener systems

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