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Create better baked goods with enhanced texture and improved nutrition. With our wide range of functional flours, fibres, resistant starches, and gluten-free and clean label starches, your baked goods  including cakes, bread, sweet biscuits, pastries and fillings will rise to any occasion. Create cost-optimized bakery concepts that are aligned with consumer trends—and get to market quickly—with Ingredion. 

We can help you from concept, ingredient selection to scale-up. Our chefs and technical experts will help you understand how our ingredients can add value to your recipes. We’ll ensure you tick all the boxes with your consumers. 


Reduce costs by replacing expensive ingredients such as butter and margarine with starch in your pastry and cake recipes with:

  • NOVATION® Indulge 3920 starch is the perfect clean label instant starch solution for adding indulgence to, or reducing the amount of fat in, recipes without compromising the consumer appeal or texture. Suitable for use in bakery creams. 
  • QUIK TEX 3331 starch is a cost effective modified tapioca starch for adding texture and indulgence to bakery creams.

Add a front-of-pack for claim increased fibre content in your gluten-free bread, bread, cakes, cereal bars, luxury breakfast cereal and muesli with:

  • NOVELOSE® 3490 dietary fibre is a cost effective modifed tapioca starch used in bakery to add fibre and help lower carbs.

Gluten-free is growing. Replace wheat with our gluten-free ingredients to create delicious gluten-free foods. Choose from:

  • PRECISA® Bake GF​​ texturising system allows manufacturers to create high quality gluten-free baked goods.
  • HOMECRAFT® Create GF 20 flour enables gluten-free formulation of a wide range of premium bakery applications without compromising eating quality or shelf-life stability.
  • NOVELOSE 3490 dietary fibre can add fibre and not effect the functionality of gluten free bread and bakery

Creating differentiated texture in bakery products to help stand out from the competition with:

  • CRYSTAL TEX® dextrins add crispiness to low moisture applications and binding to snack bars to reduce sugar.
  • K4484 can assist with egg replacement in bakery glazes
  • INSTANT CLAERJEL starch is a pregelatinised food starch designed to act as a texturising agent with excellent expansion properties.

More and more customers are demanding clean labels. Work with our technical experts to reformulate your cream and fruit fillings for pies, cakes and bars with:

  • NOVATION® functional native starches​ are clean label ingredients which allow you to formulate on-trend clean label products rich in texture and taste, across a broad range of applications.
  • HOMECRAFT® CREATE multifunctional tapioca and rice flours are our latest clean label products that give you both enhanced texture, stability and a clean label.

Reduce sugar in your cakes, cookies and sweet bakery with our BESTEVIATM  and ENLITEN FUSIONTM sweeteners. We can also help you formulate to build back texture in your reduced sugar bakery products.

  • BESTEVIA® stevia leaf sweetener, the high-purity, next-generation stevia sweetener launched by Ingredion with our partner, SweeGen.     
  • ENLITEN® Fusion stevia sweeteners, a suite of stevia systems tailored to provide sugar-like taste at target usage levels for cost-optimised sugar reduction.



Discover NOVELOSE™ 3490 

Lower carbs with an affordable dietary fibre

Explore our health and nutrition ingredients


Affordable fibre enhancement

BESTEVIA® Reb M stevia leaf sweetener

Better tasting sugar reduction

ENLITEN® Fusion stevia sweetener systems

Optimised sugar reduction systems to suit your needs

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Clean label 

Consumer friendly ingredients

Nutrition plus 

Increase the nutritional profile of your products

Digestive health 

Increase health and wellness

Nutrition minus 

Remove ingredients to improve your products

Reduce sugar 

Make your products more attractive with consumers


Extend the shelf life of your products

Eating and drinking experience 

Create stand out products

Clinical and infant nutrition 

Creating safe and healthy products

Recipe savings 

Building back texture when taking out cost

Gluten free 

Create superior gluten free products

Reduce manufacturing costs 

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