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Ingredion’s encapsulation solutions allow you to develop cost-effective and stable formulations of flavours, essential oils, carotenoid-based colours, vitamins and nutrients.

Our encapsulants are sustainably sourced and non-GMO. As a result, you can rely on security of supply with consistent, reliable product quality for your products. Contact us to find out more about our products that are non-allergenic, non-animal and derived from sustainable, renewable sources.

Overcome your formulation challenges

Encapsulation is the efficient, cost-effective way to transform oil soluble, volatile and oxidation sensitive ingredients into free-flowing powders. It protects the actives during shelf life from light (UV), oxidation and flavour losses due to evaporation of volatile molecules.

Ingredion’s encapsulation solutions will deliver a range of benefits to your encapsulated products and manufacturing operations:

  • Improve product quality and shelf-life stability
  • Enhance sensory and nutritional properties
  • Improve release characteristics
  • Reduce flavour loss during processing and storage
  • Reduce cost-in-use through high oil loading and productivity improvements
  • Deliver nutrients that previously would have been incompatible, unpalatable or destroyed in the production process
  • Create cleaner labels that consumers prefer and trust

High quality gum arabic from Thailand

Give your beverages the clarity and flavours consumers will enjoy to the last drop. With low viscosity, no taste or odour, TIC® Gum Arabic can be used to deliver high quality and superior performance.

Our gum arabic products are produced in Thailand, further streamlining supply in Asia-Pacific.

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